From Best Friends to lovers , Vishal & Grishma make us fall in love, all over again !

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We thought of starting the #MyBigFabIndianWedding series on a cute and positive note and when we bumped into the story of Vishal & Grishma, we couldn’t refrain from sharing it with the world !

Take a dip into an ocean of love with Mr. & Mrs. Gandhi and reignite affection in your heart for that loved one!

Snippets –

  1. Your First impression about each other?


Vishal – I saw Grishma for the first time at a sangeet practice, my best friend was getting married to her cousin sister. I still remember it was the first day of practice and she was late and she entered as if she was a page 3ite well dressed and all decked up, She didn’t talk to anyone except her sister. Such a snob she was.

Grishma – Honestly I didn’t even notice Vishal for the longest time of the dance practice. He added me on BBM one fine day and I was like who the hell is this guy adding me.


  1. First moment when you realized you are in love?

Vishal – We were best of friends and I always used to tell her don’t you have a elder sister whom I could marry as she is 7 years younger to me. I realized I love her love her when she was in London she was 21 then.

Grishma – While we were best of friends he asked me out and I turned it down. He then started dating another girl that’s when I started missing him and realized I love him. Its very jane tu ya jane na kind of story

  1. First thoughts about getting married?

Vishal -After being best of friends for 3 years, I still had to woo her for months too officially start dating I guess she was testing me if I was a commitment oriented or no. I knew I would marry her in the future the day she officially started dating me.

Grishma – After being best of friends for 3 years we started dating but I was not ready to get married early. I made him wait for 4 years till the time I was prepared to actually get married.

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  1. What is your definition of spending quality time together?

Vishal – We both love long drives, movies and clubbing we can do this together all our lives every single day. In the past 7 and half years we go for a drive or an auto round every single day unless either of us is out of town. But I must confess post marriage cuddling, lazing around together and couple trips has also been added in my list of spending quality time together. Our time together is the best part of  my day.

Grishma – A romantic date night, a long drive, clubbing, never ending conversations and exploring new places together completes my day with him.

  1. How has the journey from strangers to friends to life partners been like?

Vishal – Its been an rollercoaster ride but i have taken a day as it comes and focused more on creating moments and memories time is flying as there is so much to do together. Everyday when I get up I fall in love with her first sight, I want to do things for her every single day. I guess when you marry your best friend its always special.

Grishma – Its been a fast paced 7 years of my life full of beautiful, romantic and fun filled moments with its challenges every now and then which we overcome together.

So how do you like the story of these lovelies? They gave us goosebumps!

We have many other stories, ideas on their way!

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3 thoughts on “From Best Friends to lovers , Vishal & Grishma make us fall in love, all over again !

  1. This was so lovely to read… More stories like this is the need of the hour.


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