Let’s go Upstairs & get high !

Hello fam-bam !

So last week I was invited at this place whose address hit a Déjà vu with me only cause it had replaced the earlier Baraesti. It claimed to be an alfresco Pan Asian bar,’ Upstairs’. Come let’s find out more –

This pub-bar-eatery-rooftop-or-whatever-it-is is not even a bit like its other SoBo counterparts. Little miniature Buddhas dotted all around, the place has a very sumptuous first appeal. A huge bar welcomes you and you can choose to sit in the club area or the rooftop.


The place is all about letting yourself free. The spirit seems to be laidback and casual as compared to the other pubs. To put it simply, I’d say it is 50:50 lounge:pub.

The Menus (both drinks & food) are striking. If you are someone who likes her drinks to be served in a very non conventional way, you’ fall in love with this place! It’s like an arts lecture in an otherwise science class.

DJ played a flawless fusion of songs. Some early 2010 s classics & then Hotline Bling & Work as well. So what if he played Cheap Thrills thrice in a span of 2 hours! 😉

The food menu came with the names of the dishes along with their native countries, so that was pretty unique for us.

Food presentation was decent, contrasting the drinks, but the lingering tastes made us ask for more.

However due to a delay in service we could order just two dishes and they both turned out to be delicious.

We tried Japan’s Mushroom Yakitori (Rs 225) which is a treat to your tangs & flanges when craving for char grilled Mushrooms.

Next, we gorged on some succulent Grilled Basa Lemon Butter (Rs 300), until there were no traces on plate.

Why & when should you go there? When you are too bored to dress up & still have the energy to dance off a night; that’s when you have to rush to this place!

Price points? Economical! 

Join me on Instagram tonight at 9 pm ISD for an exclusive video from the event. I bet you would have never seen something that crazy ever! Will you?









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