Goa – Untourist yourself right now!

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Olá from Goa !

They say Paris is always a good idea. True. But for the Desi hearted me, it has always been Goa.

And inspite of Goa being my native abode, and visiting it religiously at least once a year, the novelty just doesn’t seem to fade off. Infact, just like Goan spirits, it deepens over time.

Despite my customary excursions to this pretty land, there’s an exclusive expedition I wish to embark on, devoid of all the typical cliché spots it has to offer.

Yes, there’s no space for Baga or Basilica in this itinerary.  And yet, it’s a plan for Goa. Howwzzat ?!

Goa has a unique alcove in every Indian’s heart. It’s almost synonymous to partying for us. After all, where else would you find such a roiling mix of Portuguese and Indian cultures!

Untitled design

” Main udna chahta hoon, daudna chahta hoon, girna bhi chahta hoon … bus rukna nahi chahta ”

I have been a beach bae all my life. No beach has ever disappointed me and especially South Goan beaches .. ! They are magical and alluring in their own untold ways.

If white sands and blue pristine waters weren’t enough, the far off islands and the effervescent sunset complement the overall topography. I wish to walk down to the entire Palolem stretch by myself until I reach the horizon. I dream to take a random boat ride and chat with the local chaps on my way to the Butterfly beach. I long to take a breath taking view of the Goa-scape from the bird’s eye from a far off mountain, all at my own sweet pace.

Then there are always these local flea markets, midnight bazaars that are waiting to be explored. I wish to surf through them all.

Goa is punctuated with these tiny quaint churches all over; I wish to visit each one of them! Petite, colorful by lanes of Ribandar, the silent Arambol beach that wakes up the hippie in you by evening, the tranquil virgin spots unheard of like Chorao; I wish to discover all of those!


Munch some robust tiger prawns or delicately seared butter garlic lobsters for brunch, a leisurely dip in the pool, and a solo stroll in the evening, savor the local Chicken Xacuti for dinner and call off the night with Bebinca! My mouth is already watering, how about you?

The very thought of a spoilt solo Goa trip gives me goose bumps!

And who says I won’t get luxury in secluded nature’s laps? There are plenty of options to choose from and I already know where my heart lies! This heavenly resort I know of, satiates my hunger of staying at a sumptuous expanse, with a homely affection. It’s the perfect adjunction to my sun and sand dreams! Private balconies to sip on morning cuppas, huge breakfast spread, a sprawling pool, a rejuvenation spa and games! Like c’mon, what else do you need?

A retreat of exquisiteness and tranquility!

What are your thoughts about my dream Goan expedition? What is it that you always dreamt for from my wish list above?


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12 thoughts on “Goa – Untourist yourself right now!

  1. Well written!


  2. Thanks for showing the Goa beyond Baga & Basilica. Can’t wait to try out your itinerary on my next trip to Goa !!


  3. Dr. Ameya Phansalkar August 2, 2016 — 18:26

    For a person who has visited Goa only once, this blog gives enough reason to go back and explore even more. Goa was a wonderful experience for me and thanks to Leena, I am now looking forward to another visit to this magical place.


    1. Thanks Ameya!
      There’s no place as warm as Goa and surely deserves a leisure food trip!


  4. Well written Leena! Truly! It is the perfect vacation destination!


  5. Soul lives in Mumbai & heart lives in Goa. Such a wonderful place to visit any time. Anytime you visit Goa goosebumps & memories are guaranteed !!


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