The storm that’s painting the town. Ft. Paintstorm

It’s not always that I pen down about events I attend, so when I do, you know it’s extra special and unique.

Are you bored of the typical birthday treats where everyone meets, hogs, drinks, gossips and then leave?

Are you willing to look at the other side of your partner beyond your romantic dates?

Looking forward to a team building exercise without compromising on food & drinks?

If you answered any of those with a compelling ‘Yes’, you are at the right place with Paintstorm.

I was recently invited over at The White Owl by their team and they bowled me over! I had a quick talk with Sanjana Bubber, one of the 4 founder members of Paintstorm and here are a few snippets from our chat.


The first impression of the entire set up is indeed overwhelming! Your canvasses are waiting for you, sharpened pencils and clean brushes are all in place and the place buzzes with positive vibes.

Of course, among those smiling faces are camouflaged nervous chords (I’m one).

And then your session starts.

There’s one guide who looks after the overall batch and guides you right from your first stroke while the other one personally interacts with you, guides you, rectifies your moves; all with zero stress!

Meanwhile, order your own appetizers or drinks, do your thing and above all have a gala time!

Talking about doing your own thing, here’s what Sanjana had to share with us –


20 (2)

She further says each event is unique. One of their events, with a Superman theme, they gave customers a few Superman capes and they were running around like children having the time of their lives !

They also conduct charity events and cater to private customized parties.

20 (3)

Here’s how my session looked like –






Doesn’t the session look super fun? You probably think everyone concentrating and not having a ball. But there it’s crazy! We had a great time!

Each session ends with a group picture and a picture with their props. What’s more? You get to carry your canvas back home!


Outfit – Koovs via Flyrobe

Location – The White Owl, Lower Parel

In conclusion, Sanjana says –

20 (1)

And we indeed did get all of that under one roof!

What’s commendable about this entire concept is that painting as a hobby has always been perceived as a solo act, but Paintstorm is changing the entire perspective for us! They are taking this concept outdoors and how!

They are definitely not kidding when they say Paintstorm is an ‘art-social’ platform. It’s actually an opportunity to catch up over art, drinks, and food. It’s the perfect art escape and adds a much-needed dose of creativity, art therapy, vibrancy and fun to an otherwise mundane work schedule.

Do check out their Facebook page for some more insight and their upcoming events !

That’s all folks!

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