Chettinad Festival @ Peninsula Grand

Its not everyday that we get to relish some authentic food in Mumbai, be in Maharashtrian, Gujrati or even Chettinad for that matter. So when The Peninsula Grand invited me for a preview of their on-going Chettinad Food Festival, it couldn’t have been a ‘NO’ .

Also, I experimented a bit out of my comfort zone and posted live updates all through the preview on my Facebook & Instagram.

I’m not gonna stretch this review long since I’ve already spoken about it previously . So here it goes –

I took along my man (before you have some wild thoughts), my Dad for the evening, so he was delighted when …

This man, he was incredible! I must admit, I prefer new songs over old ones but he twisted latest melodies to ghazals, effortlessly! Yes, that latest Google Ad you’ve seen? I got to witness it live! Wish I could record that.

Here comes the Food part –








After thoughts –

  • Apart from these, there was one more dish we had, Pichu Potta Kozhi . Now this one was incredible! It was perfect for our taste buds. Shredded masala chicken chicken tossed in kadipatta. Your thing? You surely might wanna try!
  • Prices are extremely reasonable. CFT should be less than Rs.1,500/- .
  • On my next visit – Podi Idli & Pichu Potta Kozhi
  • Ambiance – The ambiance of this restaurant is indeed grand, like I’ve said before. Just a glitch, I personally think they could have given the Chettinad Food Festival much more justice by doing a lot more than just a few hoardings. Probably some lungi competitions, some recipe telling events, talks with chef or any random activities.
  • Oh Btw, the festival is only till 30th July, so rush today!

If Chettinad food is what you’ve been wanting lately, Peninsula Grand is quite a decent bet !



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