Why should you hate Salman Khan?

Admirers of Salman Khan, read this post with a pinch of salt or even better, refrain from reading.

I hear India’s heartthrob, Salman Khan’s Sultan turned out to be a riot at the box office.

What’s with the Indian audience?

I personally loved the Salman Khan in the 90’s ! The handsome cute Aman in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai or Prem in Hum Aapke Hai Kaun, but the recent roles he’s bagging and sadly the nation is raving about, has been appalling!

Right from Wanted, Dabang and present day Sultan, am I the only one who finds his character repetitive? If Amitabh Bachan was called Angry Young Man, Salman needs to be called the Furious Young Man – He’s fuming almost 24/7 with his drunken eyes doing all the talking, his manly boobs making some horny moves and before you know, he’ll tear apart his tight body clinging shirt, shows off his muscles (for atleast 5 seconds) on some seemingly funny music only to give way to the wonders of Indian animation industry and the stuntmen.

Or probably Salman doesn’t even require a stuntman.

He just catches the villains by their shoulders, one slap and the goons are thrown away miles far.


There we go, Salman definitely doesn’t require a stuntman.

He has had the ditto same swag since 2000 now, smiling dimly when he’s angry or when he’s with his girlfriend.

His love for item songs and the scantily dressed women in it. Right from Le Le Maza to the Badnaam Munni. Déjà vu!

Not to forget his moves (Ok, so I know there’s someone called as a Choreographer as well.) But straight face and short boogies – define Sallu’s moves. Even his most signatures dance moves, don’t have him moving within a foot’s diameter.

Profession apart, he has not had a single affair that lasted long. Millions of fans, but not a single special loved person? Whom will you blame?

Have you watched the movie, Tarzan – The Wonder Car? If not, just browse through the newspapers a few months ago and you’ll get a glimpse of the real life Tarzan car! But this time, you won’t wonder over the car, you’ll wonder how Salman could get out of the entire case!

Salman Khan has already had his share of his typical movies. Either he needs to retire from those roles or atleast we need to celebrate some meaningful stories.

It would be too harsh to say I’m a Die-hard hater of Salman Khan, but all I’m asking the Indian audience is to open their eyes and give way to some logic, to some scripts that hold actual hidden meanings, to some unsung heroes. Is that much to ask for?

P.s. We need our Prem back !



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