Restaurant Review – Baraesti Bar, Grill & Beyond

48 hours & it continued pouring !

The brain longed a long drive off the town side while the heart craved for a relaxed evening by the fireplace. Trapped in the conflict, we settled for Tardeo’s Baraesti – homely ambience at SoBo .

Apparently, Google Maps locates Baraesti accurately; however, to find the way you have to ask some passerby. Vaguely, it’s behind Sardar Pav Bhaji.

Valet Parking – Check.


Situated on the 5th floor, we couldn’t enjoy much of the rooftop lounge-y feeling, given they had covered the entire place due to the rains. However, what we found commendable was that they had installed coolers and ACs throughout the place. A huge pool table and a colorful wall with happy photographs welcome you. Had a word with the manager, and he seemed to be just like the place – warm & extremely friendly.

Upon inquiring with him about the location on Google Maps, without any further arguments, he insisted on calling up for directions. I found this really kind since I’m sure had there been someone else, he would have at least argued with me a tiny bit.

Another gesture I saw was him personally escorting the regular customers; which let me tell you, is not every manager’s cup of tea. Really praiseworthy. These tiny gestures actually speak up for the restaurant and don’t go unnoticed.

Coming back to the restaurant –

Ambience –


A rustic ambience overall, with dots of delicate punctuations, lanterns hanging around, an open kitchen (I love) & bar, sitting area for couples, families, large groups etc, based on their preference for/against Sheesha.

We went there on a Sunday night, and the place was decently crowded. A mix of crowds – Friends, couples & families. They were screening the Kabaddi match and music poured in.

Must mention – Being a rooftop, Sheesha dominated most tables, however fret not if you are not a Sheesha person, the smell doesn’t bother you at all.

Menu –

Now I love this part. They have a very basic, compact and organized Menu card ‘with a twist’.

The menu card has several sections, right from the Signature specialties, Chakana Menu, Buffet menu (which they serve on your table), Get together menu etc. The items on the menu were desi, which is a welcome change from the typical nachos and other cliché firangi appetizers.

Loved the variety of board games. Wonder why I’m talking about games under the Menu heading? Coz they have a separate menu of games. Beat that?

Food –

  1. Pav Bhaji Papdi Chat (6 pieces | Rs.145) –

Papdi Chat & Pav Bhaji put together. Which Mumbaikar could say no to that?

Served on a bed of shredded cabbage, it had the best of both worlds. The Papdi wasn’t soggy though we feel it could have been a tad bit hotter and spicier, given the rains.

  1. Cheese Chilly Wedges (Rs.175) –

img-20160704-wa0002.jpgThese claim to be a house specialty, but personally we found them ordinary. We’ve had way better French fries at Big Bang Bar.

  1. Piri Piri Paneer –

img-20160704-wa0007.jpgIn a word, ‘Chatpata’ . A blast of our desi flavours with tones of aachari zests. The texture was just about perfect and it actually went well with our moods.

  1. Kabab e Jojeh (6 chicken chunks | 4 pita breads & an lip smacking mustard dip | Rs. 195)

img-20160704-wa0009.jpgThis spectacular dish was my favorite for the night. Beautifully marinated chicken, charred to divine perfection! Now I must confess here, I’m not a great fan of mustard sauce, but this dip was beyond delicious! Just perfectly sweet and hint of spicy. I could have a bowl of it right away.

  1. Kiwi Mojito –

img-20160704-wa0048.jpgClaims to be one of their signature cocktails. Was a refreshing quencher. A gingerale base with sweetness from the Kiwis.

  1. Veg Moroccon Tagine Curry served with Cous Cous & Pita Bread (Rs.275) –

A very fancy served dish. Totally an experience given the plating. The curry was pleasant, though we think Cous Cous is an acquired taste and doesn’t go with everyone’s taste buds.

  1. Fusion Misal Masala Dal Kichdi (Rs.235) –

Again served in a cute jar, with a lid so that it remains hot till the end. A Dal Kichdi with Misal’s Farsaan (Dry Bhel) all over.

FoP Rate Card

Veg/Non Veg – Both

Price points – 8/10

Ambience – 7/10

Service- 8/10

Price/Quantity- Quite reasonable

Ideal for – Friends & family gatherings

Valet Parking – Available

On my next visit – Re-order Jojeh e Kebabs & wish to try Baraesti Special Maggi

So the next time you are in South Mumbai and wish to escape the crowds, this quaint rooftop is bliss. It transports you to a peaceful evening and lends your taste buds a desi tadka for sure!






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