ShopNSocial -App urf Browser review

Hey guys!

I’m back with a #Fashion post after a long, long time and yes I’m so excited about this one!

As I write this post, it’s raining cats and dogs behind me. Ofcourse, online shopping toh bantaa hai. And hence, there can’t be a better time than this for me to acquaint you with the latest social browser on the block , ShopNSocial .

The team invited us over a couple of drinks and let us indulge in the app. Here’s an insight in the app cum browser.

So ShopNSocial is basically your Whatsapp Messenger + Online shopping. It’s a social browser (as they aptly call it) that aims at adding a human touch to online shopping. Haven’t we all been wishing for something like that since forever ?

The UI is quite simple and neat (by neat, i mean no ads) which is awesome. Let me sail you through it.



The app lets you register yourself or even sign in through our basic social mediums.


Next up, the homepage displays various portals. Based on your tastes and preferences, feel free to surf any website on the address bar. It has the typical Back, Forward, Bookmark, Home tab.

Now all you gotta do is click on the site you desire, browse through their collections and when you like something, simply long press.

Picture5 “Send to Contact/Group” select your friend’s name and voila! Your friend receives a thumbnail of your product. You can also write down a personal message for her.

Picture6  How awesome is that!

What’s more? You can also form groups and discuss, you have 24*7 access of all the sent links, everything at the comfort of just one browser.

Imagine multi tasking by asking your friends to surf through other site  while you browse through yet another site.


The app also has an option of calling.

Zero spam since you can’t message someone who has not accepted your request.

Free! Free! Free!

On a serious note, what else do we look for in an app? And especially us, who adore online shopping so much! Given the rains, I guess this has to be just the perfect app we need at the moment!

What do u think?

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