Restaurant review – Peninsula Next, Sion

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I’m really loving the entire process of diversifying FoP into varied segments. Right from penning down different recipes, to sharing unique decor ideas, travelling spots to obviously reviewing restaurant. Yes, FashionOkPlease as a name right now might be deceiving, but that name has brought me here and hence I have no plans of altering it anytime soon.

So coming back to this post, it was a typical scorching Sunday noon when we were returning from a trek. We got down at the Sion station and were wondering where to go for our lunch when this place suddenly struck us.

The name rings a bell? That’s because I have earlier reviewed Peninsula Grand , Sakinaka .

Well, Peninsula has 4 restaurants under its stable. That said, you know half the battle is won.

Ambience –

An air of fine-dine with robust wooden furniture for big groups scattered around. Buzzing with crowd on a late Sunday noon and yet the decibels were at a minimum. The dim lit ambience takes you back in time where the tables used to be decked up in checked cloths and waiters would wear tuxedo and tie. It has truly made an effort at keeping the Indian basics of a family restaurant alive.

Food & Mocktails –

Just as we were complaining about the heat outside, we were offered the Barman Special Mocktail.img-20160612-wa0052.jpg

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Priced at Rs.290, this quencher hit just the right cords. Frothy pineapple juice blended with butterscotch, vanilla and strawberry ice creams, it wasn’t awfully cold. It came garnished with almond and pistachio shaves, the sweetness being on point.

For starters, we had Paneer Chilly Dry and Hash Corn Vegetables.img-20160612-wa0048.jpgThe Paneer Chilly Dry (Rs.390) was spot on. Chunks of paneer sautéed with veggies and soya. It somehow resembled Paneer Manchurian. The spice quotient lingers on your tongues for a while. We also loved how they were just perfectly moist. Not at all dry and at the same time, not even dripping a bit of oil.

img-20160612-wa0040.jpg img-20160612-wa0043.jpg

The Hash Corn Vegetables (Rs.460) is a striking jumble of veggies that’s a treat – visually as well as well to your taste buds. It’s just what you need after gorging on spicy paneer. They are not kidding when they call this starter a part of their ‘Laziz’ section given the bits of paneer, mushroom, corn, babycorn, broccoli and bell peppers tossed in a tomato cheese gravy. We loved the plating- cheesy potato hashbrowns speckled with cheese.

Now let’s get to some serious business. The mains!

I was craving for something Mughlai but he nagged for something Thai.

We settled for both. True foodies never compromise, they order both! Right?img-20160612-wa0051.jpgThe Hyderabadi Biryani (Rs.330) was jet green with spinach deciding the flavour. I won’t say it was one of the best I’ve had, but surely it was decent. We also think the plating could have been better with caramelized onions at the top rather than being mixed with the rice. Also, it could have done with a little more gravy (that is what distinguishes a biryani from a pulav, right?)img-20160612-wa0036.jpgWe also had some Thai Green Curry (Rs.460) with Steamed rice. Loved it to the last morsel. It was creamy (Oh btw, I’m a sucker for creamy Thai Curries), had generous pieces of basil, bell peppers, babycorns, broccolis, red chilies and again it was spiced to perfection.

Overalls –

  • Veg/Non Veg – Pure Veg + Bar
  • Price points – On the expensive side, given the fine dine experience this place gives you.
  • Ambience – 8/10
  • Service- 8/10
  • Ideal for –Family gatherings
  • Valet Parking – Available
  • Negative – The only shortcoming we saw was that even though the service was quite quick, the food wasn’t extremely hot. Not that it was served cold, but there weren’t visible vapours we could see.

Rest, whenever you are wondering around with your family in the Sion region, I’d totally recommend Peninsula Next.





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