Restaurant Review – Gurukripa Powai

Hey folks!

Back with another foodie post today! Fashion taking a backseat? Blame food!

So today on the Blog, I’m gonna take you to a decent family restaurant, located on the buzzing Saki Vihar Road, near Powai.

Walking through the lane, this restaurant is inevitable to the eyes. After all not many eateries are occupied on a Thursday night.

First things first, Gurukripa has a plenty of seating choices. A typical AC restaurant & bar for families, a mezzanine for big groups,  a non AC area and also a long lit staircase that paves way for a rooftop.

img-20160603-wa0019.jpgImmediately we made ourselves comfortable on the rooftop. They have a live screening that pours handpicked songs / IPL matches . Perfect, you say? Wait, there’s more. They also have a washroom up there (which is really commendable) as well as plug points with USB charging ports. Like seriously, who puts in that much thought!

So the first impression is thumbs up!



We browse through the menu and there are varied options that meet diverse taste buds.

We are served one of the special items – Crispy Masala Roomali.

If you are any bit like me, you need to have Masala Papad on the table and I loved how they twisted it.


So basically it’s a huge Roomali roti roasted to a Papad with veggies and masala tossed all over. Perfect for a group of 4-5. Really well thought, cause unlike the regular Masala Papad, this one doesn’t melt easily.


When was the last time you ordered some starters and didn’t ask for Paneer? Here we go! Luscious and light, this cottage cheese literally melts in your mouth. The sauce is so perfect that it doesn’t even drip a bit.  Uncanny resemblance to Paneer Chilly though.


May is usually considered the month of marriages in India. Probably, Gurukripa’s chefs took it too seriously. They married off tender mushrooms sautéed with garlic to a thick coating of cheese.  And that is how ‘Crunchy Mushrooms’ was born. Turned out to be our favourite dish for the day! 10/10 for presentation, 10/10 for the taste and a definite item on my next trip here.


“If you are done with the veggies, can I step in?” called out the Chicken. We welcomed on our table the Chicken Ghee Roast. Succulent meat , sane crust so we could actually taste the chicken and relish it.

Just as we were getting over our starters, we were served a couple of mocktails.


First, the Peru Pyala . Am I the only one who thinks the name sounds like some Bollywood masala movie?

It’s a blend of Guava juice and Kesar Pista. Contrasting flavours that strike a perfect cord. But don’t worry; they are pretty smooth as you gulp them. I found it too sweet for me, but incase you are a person who has a sweet tooth, this one’s definitely for you. It also comes with a few chunks of the dryfruits.

Next, my kinda drink – Just as robust, as the name – ‘I?m Black’ . It’s a concoction of black berries blended with ice cream. Let me tell you, appetizing is an understatement for this drink. Not very sweet, but it’s a blast of flavours. Relished it till my last sip. Again, what I’m gonna have on my next trip here!


Next up, the mains – We had butter naans along with Chicken Rahra and Paneer Chatpata. Chicken Rahra is again a full-bodied Mughlai dish, thick and big portions of chicken while the subdued Paneer Chatpata comes with some savoury gravy and tender pieces of paneer. The Mix Fried Rice too was decent and was self-sufficient.


“Daya pata lagaao. Kuch toh Gadbad hai”. The signature dish makes a VIP entry on our bench. You just can’t leave Gurukripa without having your share of  Mangalore’s Gadbad Icecream.


It has dollops of vanilla, strawberry and mango icecream and a tonne of fruit hunks and dry fruits. If raisins and apricots are too mainstream, this one has salted cashews for that extra punch. Every bite is a surprise. It’s a perfect break from the usual icecreams, fruit salads and other desserts.

Overalls –

  • We love how the music volume was perfect. High pitched yet your conversations remain uninterrupted.
  • We give it a thumb up for families wanting to have a fine dining experience as well as for large groups who want to come together for an IPL match.
  • There were many waiters on the rooftop and we must say, they were quite attentive and courteous too.
  • Music choice was also appealing. When we stepped in, they played a couple of MJ songs followed by some westernized classical music.
  • There were also Pedestal fans to soothe the heat.
  • Frequent water fills.
  • The dishes that we ordered were least greasy.

FoP Rate Card

  • Veg/Non Veg – Both
  • Price points – 7/10
  • Ambience – 9/10
  • Service- 8/10
  • Price/Quantity- Slightly on the expensive side, considering it’s a fine dine place.
  • Ideal for –Family gatherings anf large group of friends
  • Valet Parking – Available

That’s all folks!


What do u think?

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