Cheesy Mushroom Pudding Recipe

Recipe alert!

Probably, it’s the first time I’m penning down a recipe on my Blog, second after my guest post here . I’m loving my tiny steps as a Food Blogger, reviewing unique eateries, say – classy restaurants or even the cafes.

People who don’t even know me, know how much of a foodie I am. (Exaggeration)

They also know my eternal love for Cheese! (Alright, I should stop drooling and write this post now.)

Today’s recipe is of a Cheesy Mushroom Pudding with Bread, that also doubles up as a Mushroom Pie.

Serves – 2

Preparation time – <45mins

For Starters, here’s all you gonna need –


1 cup diced and sliced Mushrooms

1 tspn Butter

2 Spring Onions

1 Glass Vegetable stock

2 large spoon cream

2 slices cheese

2 Pav/ 5 slices of bread

Procedure –

  1. Start with heating up butter on a medium flame. Next add in the chopped mushrooms and spring onions. Saute for a good 5-7 mins.


2. You can smell the rawness of mushrooms fly by. At this moment, add in the Vegetable Stock (I used stock cube), cream and cheese and keep stirring.

img_20160512_170935443.jpg3. Taste it once and check for the seasoning.

This should simmer for about 5 mins. You’ll know its ready when the sauce thickens and the quantity halves.

At this stage, you can use the mixture in various forms. Either use it as a thick creamy mushroom winter soup, use the filling for a mushroom pie, in canapes, in quiches, pie puff pastry and the list is endless.

4. Now we come to the final stage. Pre heat the oven.

5. In the baking dish, pour the entire mixture. Next immerse pieces of toasted bread in it and let them soak in completely inside the liquid. Once done, sprinkle some grated cheese and breadcrumbs over it.

6. Bake for about 20 mins at 200° C or until the top becomes golden.

Tada! It’s all ready!


It’s gonna be all goeey and cheesy and filling! I’m sure you’d love it if you like mushroom and cheese.

It’s perfect for pot parties or lazy winter days when you wish to have just one pot meal. I make it whenever I want to pamper myself.

What are your thoughts about this instant mushroom recipe? Share with the world your cheese or mushroom recipes in the comments below!


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