Don’t just rise – Wonderise!

We all fright at the thought of getting up on Sunday mornings (read 5 am).

My friends will vouch how bad I am at getting up at 8 am, 10 am or even 12 noons on Sundays.

But.. However..Kintu.. Parantu..

There are exceptions. The first Sunday of April was one such exception.

Detales Marketing invited me to this striking early morning EDM party. First of its kind. 7 am. Asilo Sky Lounge, St. Regis!

After pondering a lot over should I really go for it or not, I finally made up my mind to go. All thanks to my dad who encouraged me saying, “You are invited to an event which is happening for the first time in Mumbai. You shouldn’t even be having second thoughts about it.”

And so I put on my pyjamas, tucked in a tank top and set out for the most energetic morning of my life.

The picturesque location


And then began the much anticipated Zumba session –


Loving the good vibes?

I need not describe how it was. The pictures say it all.

BTW spot me there?

We sipped on some chilled cold coffees and munched on some granola bars for breakfast and danced the mornings to our heart’s full content. The energy of that morning has been unparalleled to any. The ambience, the audience’s radiant smiles, the warm hosts; everything was in place. We had props, feathers to play along with and we had a final dance before we signed off this beautiful early morning EDM party.

They’ve aptly put it – Don’t just rise, Wonderise.

Wish to be a part of it? You can simply book your tickets on Book My Show & Keep a tab on the Facebook page.


3 thoughts on “Don’t just rise – Wonderise!

  1. Wow! Looks like you really hat lots of fun. When is the next event?


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