Karz, The Matrix & Rose Water

What’s common between Karz and The Matrix?

Their subject – Reincarnation.

What about Rose Water?

It needs to be reincarnated.

Yes so today on the blog we are talking about the toner your Grandma swears by! An age old amrut that we’ve been neglecting for a quite a while now and commands a serious come back!

No points for guessing it right. It’s Rose water.


Here’s an assortment of 10 beautiful facts, uses, recipes, benefits you gotta rote like RIGHT NOW!

  1. Sprinkling a few drops of rose water on your bed sheet just before you doze off, helps your body stay calm. Now we know where does the term “Sweet dreams” originate  from.
  2. Chef Alert! If you are cooking up something with pistachios and almonds, freely use rose water in the food preparation! The clash of contrasting flavors is sure to create a stir! Common in Indian & Middle Eastern dishes.
  3. Rose water be like “Bring it on guys.”

Vitamin A – Checkimg_20160304_212738_477000.png

Vitamin B3 – Check

Vitamin C – Check

Vitamin E – Check

Antioxidants – Check

Anti-bacterial – Check

4. Instead of using rose water just as is, dab it on a damn cloth and stir with a moisturizer and apply to the skin. Toner + Moisturizer + Blush !

5. Did you know rose water is traditionally scattered at Hindu weddings to ensure a happy marriage and that it symbolizes love and purity? We like that.

6. How often do we get up and drag ourselves to the mirror only to see our eyes all puffy and pig like? Bid them bye by dabbing chilled rose water on cotton balls and pressing them gently on closed eyes, for about 10 mins. Wooah!

7. Awaken the Cleopatra in you every morning! Just add a few drops of Rose water to your tub and then take a bath. Faint on the aroma, but it leaves behind a lingering fragrance all through the day on both – you & your bathroom! Sounds soothing, isn’t it?

8. Always keep a tiny spray bottle filled with rose water in your tote. Works great when you have to switch between two meetings or freshen up your dried makeup. Plus a guilt free and healthy treat for the skin.

9. The secret nectar‘s recipe is out! It’s a concoction of some rose water, lemon juice & glycerin. Sshh.

10. Silky smooth hair on the go! After shampooing and conditioning and all those mainstream daily hair chores, give it a final rinse with some rose water. Fresh, flavorful and fragrant.

11. A paste of sandalwood & rosewater for your skin. Thank us later.

12. Take out the patchiness in your skin due to make up. Simply spray up a little rose water after you are done applying your makeup and you have dew fresh and natural looking skin in no time!

You see, we are not that greedy people. 20160304_210451.jpgBut we like it when we get so many benefits in just one bottle. Oh c’mon, who doesn’t?

Love these tips & tricks? Share your favorite ones with us and your friends & families or simply tell us a fact we’ve missed. We’d love to hear!

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