Restaurant Review – The Peninsula Grand, Sakinaka

Off to my next restaurant for the food tasting & review!

Hop along, maybe?

So we are on our way to the Peninsula Grand Hotel which claims to be bang opposite the Sakinaka Metro Stn. Is it really that close?

Apparently it is, like literally few steps from the Metro and the building stands all tall in front of your eyes.

First impression: GRAND!download

The café  Carafe, is on the ground floor while an opulent spiral stairway takes us to the first level, our restaurant for the day.

Regal arm chairs make for a perfect seating place and not to forget the vintage gateway that you can’t help but have a glance at, admire for a minute or two, and then get in.

Ambience – In a word, Trendy! & Trendy, in a very very futuristic loom !

A sprawling space to start with, we are seated near the window. There’s an exclusively dedicated space for Ghazals, a top notch bar counter and a private dining space.

Food –

img_20160222_163447_641000.pngThis oriental soup is a riot of textures and flavors given the bean sprouts and the crunchy veggies. It’s perfectly warm and not piping hot, so goes gentle on our tongue. Creamy & thick, just how I usually like my coconut milk preparations to be. But, one major grumble – the quantity is extremely less.img_20160222_163315_411000.pngIn a word, spot on! Simply brilliant! Don’t we Indians all love a generous portion of paneer? It’s an appetizer without which we cannot start our mains. Coming back to this one, it’s delicious! Like the succulent cottage cheese is actually finger licking good!

The variety of mains –

img_20160222_164154_318000.pngClockwise –

Veg Duet – A mingle of tomato and spinach gravy. Cute heart cucumber cut outs for presentation, gentle on the spice quotient, make it perfect for a vegetarian.

Veg Thai Curry – Thai happens to be one of my favorite cuisines! But, here it was disappointing; Unnecessarily spicy and thicker in its consistency than it should have generally been.

Murgh Kurchan – One of my favorite dishes of the feast. Perfectly spicy, generously sprinkled crunchy chicken bits with dash of capsicum. Honest Indian attempt for Chicken Chilly.

Mutton Daal Gosht – Not that I’m a great fan of Mutton but here it’s heavenly!Perfectly cooked and the gravy is mesmerizing!



Subzi Biryani – Presented in an earthen pot and a chilled raita, the Subzi Biryani was loaded with veggies. On the downside, it was cold and dry (like a pulav).


Dessert –

img_20160222_163926_763000.pngBrowsing more and more? Aren’t you already full? Just when we need something just light, we are offered some delicious Ras Malai. Garnished with pistachio shaves, it’s like the perfect ending to our feast! Extremely moist & tender!

Overalls –

20160223_132501.jpgExtremely generous dash of veggies and chicken pieces.

Friendly waiters. Frequent water refills.

The F&B executive who we spoke to was extremely considerate and gave in to all our demands.

20160223_132446.jpgPartially open kitchen. Separate Veg. and Non Veg. kitchens.

Huge assortment. Buffet service available too.

Food presentation could have been better.


FoP Rate Card

Veg/Non Veg – Both (Different Kitchens)

Price points – 7/10

Ambience – 9/10

Service- 8/10

Price/Quantity- Quite reasonable, considering it’s a fine dine place.

Ideal for – Dates & family gatherings

Valet Parking – Available




What do u think?

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