Charmi Shah & her Charming Designs

A few days ago, when I got an invite for a Fashion Show, I was a little hesitant. They usually have models with overly dramatic makeup, their attires are otherworldly and chances that you’ll ape those styles are remote.

To my pleasant surprise, this was way too different!

For starters, designer Charmi Shah, daughter of Mrunali Shah, made a remarkable debut with her collection ‘Cote d’ Azur’ for the Generation-Z at Grand Hyatt on 5th February.

Amidst the crowd were seen many celebrities like Omkar Kapoor, Ritwik Dhanjani, Varun Sharma, Charmi’s friends, relatives and other well-wishers.

The evening started with a big bang with VJ Andy’s light gig.'Ahmedabad Express' owner Nandish Sandhu and player Mrunal Jjain of 'BCL' interact with host AndyPeppy indo-western music against the backdrop of vintage rustic India, served as one of the most attractive ramps.

VJ Andy entertaining the event and the models wearing the Midnight collection, hues of India, Shes got the blues and birds of paradise collection

About the collection?

A seamless blend of India’s weaves, designs and colours and the French’s indulgence in fashion.

Each of the 32 outfits shared some mutual aspects – They were fluid and not clinching to the model’s bodies, accentuating their best curves. They balanced between being revealing and classic, making the model extremely comfortable, and most importantly they weren’t over the top.

A model wearing the Birds of Paradise themed outfit

A look at the  Midnight Collection - A moonlit sky speckled with glittering starsThere was a symphony of colors, textures and different fabrics. The garbs celebrated the youth’s elegance with bold prints intruded with mild sequins and glitter, cuts along the hemlines and the collar.

The palette of colors varied from regal black, royal blue, golden hues, fuchsias and floral prints.

The collection would be perfect for any glamorous occasion – a destination wedding, an exotic holiday or any sassy party.

What I loved the most about the entire Fashion Show was that the hairstyles of the models were nothing but loose curls or at most high ponytails. Their makeups too were kept bare minimum, making the outfits exceptionally relatable to the young woman.

Shostopper Manasvi Mamgai

The showstopper for the evening, Manasvi Mamgai decked up in an opulent Pink and gold lehenga, exuded romance and feminism. What made it the statement piece were the sexy cuts it had under the bust and the mirror work with heavy tassels on the choli, combined with a net dupatta.

Post the Fashion Show, Singer Indrani Bhattacharya of Surr Kshetra fame, amused the audience with her power packed performance, singing a few classic romantic songs.

The event ended on a sweet note with scrumptious dinner and the gifts.

Here’s wishing Charmi Shah the very best in her endeavor!




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