Chef Sisters – Around the world in 2 hours!

Alert Borivali-kars & fellow Mumbai suburb residents.

‘Fascinated by different beverages?’

‘Love trying on different cuisines, be it Mexican, Japanese, Greek?’

‘Or probably you are just a desi person who appreciates all things Indian!’

Unique tastes. One destination – Chef Sister’s .

Mumbai is known for its big belly and its giant maw hogs about just anything thrown in its way.

This 9 months old casual-dining-freshtaurant-cum-cafe was born out of sheer love for food. And food here doesn’t just mean mere hogging, but understanding the play of different textures and flavours, striving to give one perfect dish, to satiate individual taste buds.

First few minutes here be like –

“It’s a restaurant.”

“No, it’s a café.”

“Look at the crowd. There are families with oldies. Of course it has to be a restaurant.”

“See that group of friends having a Hazelnut Frappe? It’s obviously a café.”

A trivial fight with your friend and you enter this off-the-cuff dining abode with several thoughts. There’s a festive sensation here thanks to seasonal manias (Currently strawberry, soon to be replaced with mango), peppy music that’s already awakening the Michael Jackson in you, a lingering aroma you still can’t decide is whether of the Italian pizzas or the Tangy Katsu noodles or the smouldering chocolate and then warm homely smiles welcome you.



The restaurant has both – an outdoor as well as an indoor seating and a bold open glass kitchen. A seat in the AC section and you are welcomed with vibrant walls and posters that are more than quirky, each depicting the foodie Mumbaikar soul.

You are still debating with your friend on which cuisine would this place offer the best, until one of the Goradia sisters comes and personally assists you.

You start with Beverages –20160208_113629.jpgThe Blueberry Mojito is a welcome change to the regular quenchers. Subtle Blueberry flavours that don’t hit too hard.We personally loved the Mint Mojito that was quite refreshing, tangy and served as a perfect summer drink.

Hogsters that we Indians are, how can we miss out the starters?

So as we sip on our Mojitos, we call for Masala Cheese Garlic Bread and Nachos with beans and cheese.

The Masala Cheese Garlic Bread – Perfectly toasted, their fieriness is taken special care of and they actually ooze cheese out. *drooling already?*

Nachos are delectable. Just perfectly crunchy, appetizing and ofcourse cheesy. A special shoutout to the lentils decked on them. They were just perfectly cooked, such that they literally melt as you bite your nachos. They go smooth on your tongue and lug a breeze of savours that keeps you asking for more.

This combination of appetizers turned out to be seamless as the spicy-bland proportion balanced.

Who can stop at appetizers when a huge assortment of main course lies ahead?

Different taste buds. Different cuisines.

Fasten your seatbelts as your culinary world tour begins –

Start off with the Japanese Tangy Katsu Noodles.20160208_225853.jpgFresh exotic vegetables tossed together. Though we could see an honest attempt of Indianizing the dish, the only downside was that it was still bland. It could have been a little spicier.20160208_212818.jpgA welcome change was the Napolitana Pasta that was made up out of savoury tomato chunks, crunchy corn bits, garnished with parmesan.

We can never really get enough of cheese, can we?

Thus, our next dish – The scrumptious Cheese Fondue!

Mouth-watering herbed cheese served with in house wedges, nachos, grilled veggies & crusty bread. We are sure the person who coined the word ‘lip smacking’, had been to Chef Sisters and relished their Cheese Fondue.

The creamy and warm cheese was obviously delightful with frills doing complete justice.

Lover of Italian food but desi at heart?

Raise your eyebrows. No really, raise them. Coz when you will see our next dish, you anyways will.

Next on our table – Double stuff pizza with cutlets. If you boast of being a pizza lover, you can’t come here and not try this.

A thin layer of pizza stuffing with a thick pizza base embedded with potato cutlets. Quite filling and brownie points for the soft pizza crust.

No meal is complete without a nice serving of rice and that compelled us to order an interesting platter –20160208_225653.jpgA combination of Kohlapuri and Makhanwala Platter.

Ideal for one person. Rich dal, creamy sabjis, parathas and jeera rice. Cute & thoughtful we say!

There’s always this one person in our group who has to try everything new and glamorous on the menu and we did address her call.20160208_225739.jpg

What started as playful teasing and bantering, paved way to one of my most favourite dishes of the day – The Mint Rice with Spiced Greek Curry.

It was divine! Creamy and full of flavours. I had two portions of it alone!*boop* *looks at the tummy*

Here comes a warning –

Save room for desserts. It’s something you just can’t afford to miss out. In fact on my next trip to Chef Sisters, I plan to gorge on just the desserts and no main course.

We called in for a Devil’s cake with Icecream.20160209_110646.jpgA delicate crisp chocolate cup with vanilla icecream, chocolate just melts off the warm giant pastry. Stomach says no, heart says go for it. Of course stomach loses.

Ok now promise, the last one for the day.

The showstopper – Rabdi Cake –20160209_110632.jpg

Royalty takes a new definition with this. Rabdi & milkmaid adorned with dry fruits. Heavenly! It’s just the right sweet ending the last 3 hours you’ve spent at Chef Sisters.

USP of the place – We got a chance to personally interact with the Chefs duo – Hasti & Hiloni Goradia and they make it right clear from the beginning that this restaurant does not serve ‘authentic’ cuisines. Each dish is inspired from some foreign dish, but the brainstorming it boasts of makes it truly special.

FoP Rate Card

Veg/Non Veg – Pure Veg (Plenty of options for Jains)img-20160207-wa0027.jpg

Price points – 7/10

Ambience – 6/10

Service- 6.5/10

Price/Quantity- Value for money.

Major Con – No washroom


Situated at a prime location and offering such an array of dishes, Chef Sister’s is Borivali’s own paradise!

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