Journey of a Heart

Almost every day in our lives we come across quotes or inspirational snaps that press us to deliver something that has lost its way in our heart. Call it our apprehensions or speckles of skepticism, but our cynic hearts lack the courage to walk out of their comfort zones and deliver something out of the box.

We plan and plan meticulously, chalk out the intricate details, jot down the pointers but when the hour of execution strikes, we disappear.


Don’t we take in that in this entire process, it’s only us who we are hurting? Scared that people will mutter about us, but what we don’t realize is that, they anyways will. You act or you don’t, they will.

A year ago, when the thought of blogging hit me, it took me almost 3 months to gather courage and pen down my first post. Excited that I was, I chose a decent design theme, gave my blog a quirky name and then..

And then cropped off my face in all those photographs, signed off the post as ‘StylePartner’, fled away from social sharing, trying hard not to reveal my identity. Stupid me!

Soon criticisms poured in!

And I knew they would.

But unexpectedly, from people who I didn’t expect to.

On the other hand, I tried to keep this a dark secret from my near ones, afraid they may react outrageously.

Soon FoP gained popularity and I slowly shed all my inhibitions.


My blog landed me a great job at a Digital agency which had absolutely no connection with my academics, I got interviewed by one of my best Blogging pals and collaborations soon started flowing in.

FoP is way too different than its counterparts. Moto G is the only camera I can rely on; my best friends are my sole photographers. Just to give it a personal edge, I never really thought of creating an Email ID especially for my blog; I continued it with my personal email ID since blogging has always been close to my heart. I declined several offers of affiliate marketing just to keep the blog clutter free and not be a source of minting money.

Overall this journey has taught me to take life with a pinch of salt. There will be low downs, there will be people who will be keen to see you fall but it’s all about how you rise from those shattered pieces. It’s about taking a plunge and giving it one shot with all your brains and heart.


Life is not just about celebrating milestones, it’s about rejoicing those little joys that glisten each day.

What’s your story? Any incident in your life that has pushed you to do something?


That Princess-like Outfit – via Flyrobe

Photo Courtesy – A special friend 😉

Location – Powai

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