The Virgin Nashik – #NoFilter

Fashion blog posts are usually clinches of weeks of toil, hours of lengthy conversations with Brands, running behind the photographers to get that one perfect shot after hours of posing and of course a plenty of Instagram filters!

But what happens when we wish to switch over to a life where we are just as content (perhaps even more) in our colorful Pyjamas and our makeup regime consists of nothing but kohl & some nude lip gloss?

We decided to take the route less travelled (like, literally). With a local friend of mine, we embarked on an expedition that had barely touched the commercial side of Nashik.

And hence the title – The Virgin Nashik #NoFilter .

Here are 5 things you can’t miss on your next trip to Nashik –

  1. The  3 hr drive from Mumbai-                                                     The picturesque Kasara ghats and Igatpuri that bring you to this quaint city, remind you of the Napa Valley in Roadrash.

Sip on some hot tea & let the music set the mood right.

Mumbai, kasara, nashik road
Roads that pave way for Nashik

2. A mouth watering serving of ‘Chulivarchi Misal’ at Sadhana  Misal.


It turns out be just as promised – Spicy | Fresh | Flavourful . A  perfect head start for your trip.

Oh yes, don’t forget to gorge on the freshly made Jalebis in pure ghee (not a fan? You may have second thoughts after trying them here) and sip on freshly pressed milkshakes. Find them here.

This place bustling with more than hundreds of people on weekend has a lot more to offer than just food. Head over there to find out more!

3. Next up, head to the Pandava Caves. This tourist destination sprawls along several miles of cliff top and has something for everyone. There’s a water park for kids, a fountain show for elders, pool side restaurant, a bollywood museum, and track for the adventurers.

The trek takes you on that point on the cliff that overlooks the entire city. Might sound like a pain with the scorching sun above you, but the view makes it totally worth in the end.

Pandava Caves, Nashik
Posing with cousins


Pandava Caves, Nashik
From up there….

Pandava Caves, Nashik

Let’s keep some surprise element alive, though I’ve already generously shared the aerial view here. 😛

The caves come with an history of their own that has been detailed out quite well on the top. Also, they are well maintained.

3. The Windmill spot –

I’ve visited Nashik twice in the past 3 months and this spot has attracted me like none. Let the GPS go in for a toss and for once forget Google. This spot away from the hustle,  hosts hundreds of windmills that clasp your breaths!

Destination unknown!



Picture perfect? My friend rightly puts it as ‘The Mauritius of India’.

4. Next explore through the Gangapur Road and head to the quiet breath taking Gangapur Dam Backwaters.

The sunset point you cannot afford to miss! It’s so untouched that barely a few handpicked locals know about it.



Gangapur Dam, Nashik
Erecting the Tent!
Gangapur Dam, Nashik
Hey, that’s me!




Erect a tent in the middle of nowhere, run your fingers through the sheep, star gaze, watch the sun set with a loved one, chat with the local fishermen, pose – This place offers you to be you! Even the poshest of the places  don’t offer you that these days!

5. Vineyards – When in Nashik, you can’t leave without visiting Sula. But it’s time to ditch Sula for its natural counterpart. End your trip on a tipsy note with a vineyard tour, tasting session and finally a nice glass of wine at the Sula Wines.img_20151115_182704272.jpg


When was the last time you paid yourself a visit? Don’t answer that rationally!

Lastly, don’t forget to make your trip a memorable one. No I don’t mean to give a dreary sermon here, but all I’m saying is enjoy each moment of your stay!

Wander here & wander there and give in to new places. Most importantly, explore. With new places, explore yourself! Because in the end, that is what will make your journey memorable.


What do u think?

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