It’s that time of the year – When the tenth graders, in the midst of their semesters, are questioned which streams they would be choosing; while those in twelfth grade are interrogated about their graduation fields. People judge you over the career path you choose, the college you aspire for, the course you enroll yourself for and if that were less, even which companies approached your placement cell during the previous years.

India is a country where opinions are even more than the number of people living here and for every move you make; you have a hundred eyes hovering around suspiciously.

When education has grown at such a swift pace, it’s essential to have an extensive database that lets you choose your stream, college and course, on the go. And that is where collegedunia comes into picture.
Front page –


Blame it on their exhaustive lists, meticulously validated college details, user friendly and interactive interface; everything about this website is heartwarming. It has something for everyone.

The website welcomes you with the option to search across different streams, colleges, entrance exams, results etc, everything just from one search bar.

Moving on, these are the different streams you can choose from.
Different stream options –

What’s more you can also browse through different Entrance exams and the top courses, placed just below the broad list.

CollegeDunia has also come out with an innovative app that lets you glance through the information on the go.
App –

Surf across the top universities, courses, colleges etc and choose the best from their comprehensive array. CollegeDunia offers you to refine what you are exactly looking for, based on different parameters like your stream, state, fees, duration, type of university and course type, to ensure you get the most accurate results.
Refining search for universities, colleges & courses –

Evident from the above image, you have a clear picture in your head about the courses offered by the university, their respective fees, ratings, duration and brochure, if relevant.

The cherry on the cake is that the site also offers an insight into the university’s photographs, faculty and their placement division. So once you are done refining your search, downsizing the appropriate colleges and browsing through their cultures and themes, you have a clear picture of which college would you like to enroll yourself in.
Details about colleges –
College gallery –

What makes CollegeDunia engaging is the use of subtly elegant theme, user friendly search options, serene college photographs in place of some distracting graphics, no clumsy ads popping up and most importantly their all-inclusive range of courses right from Medical and Law to Hotel Management and Fashion. It’s surely a hub of information for youngsters.

While tenth and twelfth examinations are yearly, we have entrance exams going on all the year round. At such times, it’s important that we have a ready record of which exam is coming up next, are we eligible for the same etc. For all such queries, CollegeDunia offers a whole page dedicated just at these entrance exams.

Entrance exams details –

For instance, we have recently witnessed a new field, Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). It has emerged to be one of the most important and upcoming streams and is sure to reign for a long time now. Know about it on, importance of bba , and why is bba a good career optionEntrance exams for BBA in India offers you a host of things, thus enabling an aspiring student knows not just about the course but also about its entrance exam, deadlines, results, reviews etc.

All in all, CollegeDunia is an in depth documentary for students, parents, different educational institutions. It boasts of a repository of more than 20,000 colleges and 6000 courses categorized in different streams like Management, Engineering, Medical, Arts and much more. It garners over a whopping 4 lac unique monthly visitors.

Am I seeing you on CollegeDunia

















  1. Wonderful article and informative, also i heard about collegezippy hope this also will helpful….


    1. Thanks Dhana, I shall surely check it out. 🙂


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