What to wear for Garba Navratri – Part 2

Years pass and trends fly! Some stay while some vanish! But dressing for an Indian festival, especially Navratri has the same essence as it had, a decade ago.

Sequins..Chunky Tribal accessories..Red peppered with mirror work..Golden speckles!

After the grand success of my first post of Garba dressing, read it here , I decided to pen down another detailed post again on the same lines. Its an attempt to decode 2015’s trends, making them wearable for the Navratri season.

Image courtesy – Pinterest

Crop Tops – 

Crop tops were a rage this year and reigned for months. Invest in an ethnic crop top, with some intricate embroidery  detailing or  a play of mirror work. Play around with its sleeves or the back side. Colors rule the Navratri season and try to get them in as many colors as you can. wpid-5aa36cf005442a8dabd0ffced50d0278.jpg



These 3 are my personal favorites. The cut-work on the first one, which is extremely versatile given its monotone color, the symphony of colors in the second blouse retaining its ethnic essence while the last one from Etsy, which is just not for the meek.

Another of my favorite crop tops is this one. Love it for the blast of colors but brownie points for the full sleeves –


Dhoti Pants

Give the October heat, a break with Dhoti pants that are synonymous to comfort. The casual air these pants exude can never be denied!


Play with colors. Match on some days and contrast on the other days. On days when you want to switch to your vivacious side, team up your dhoti pants with kurtis and team up with a heavy ethnic shrug.


Play safe with the fashion of Co-ordinates that pep up your look in no time. Accessorize with knit clutches, oxidized jewellery, stacked up bangles etc. Show off that flat belly and ditch your heels for flat mojadis.



Bright colored pallazos – When you fall short of cholis and skirts, put on an eye catching shade of pallazos and be ready to grab all eyeballs. Team it up with a contrasting and worked upon blouse.


A basic blouse – Who doesn’t have those days when you have nothing to wear? Save yourself the horror by investing in this bright yellow crop top with a traditional hint. Team it up with pallazos, skirts or simply jeans, its sure to be a huge hit!


Mirror work – Go minimal on your accessorizing when you sport something this heavy. Recycle it with different skirts each time and use contrasting dupattas. Voila you have innumerable lehengas in no time!


Interesting Skirts – We all had a plenty of skirts in our school days and we hardly wear any today. If you still hoard a few, it’s time to take them off your closets and let them breath fresh air. Pair up your crop tops with skirts in interesting patterns, styles and sizes. Wrap around, floor length, knee high etc. grab them all and experiment.

wpid-a543b3eb0054bc2975e86e8f284ee0e6.jpg wpid-35364f61004c55d5a833c4c5a119be4f.jpg

Color blocking – While everyone is busy donning heavy skirts and ghaagraas in shades of reds, ditch them all with contrasting shades like white, blue etc. pair your ethnic crop tops with plain parkars in monotones and some contrast detailing at the ends.

The below skirt has been stitched from the typical South Indian sarees and looks quite ornate and elegant, despite of its simplicity. Color blocking ruled for quite a while and is a trend that we can’t get enough of.


Gold detailing – Throw glimpses of gold in your look, with skirts and blouses in shades of gold. Experiment with different textures and embrace different hues of gold. Gold suits Indian skin tones, but you need to find out which of them is your shade. Is it bright gold, dull gold, sequins? only trials and time will say.


Accessories – This brings us to the last segment of the post, accessorizing. Agree or not, accessorizing during Navratri is the key for looking dressed up or down.   It can kill your look or make your look.


So don’t forget to stack up all your accessories, those colorful threads, beads, mirror work jewellery, chunky silver bangles.

Go overboard with your eye make up.

Enjoy the 9 mesmerizing nights on the musical beats and magical rhythmic medley of grooving Garba and ravishing Raas!


Ping in the comments below which of the above was your favorite looks and if you are willing to try any. My personal favorites were the co-ordinates. What about you?







8 thoughts on “What to wear for Garba Navratri – Part 2

  1. Thanks for the post. It’s is amazing

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    1. Hey Ashwati, Thanks for the kind words 🙂 Means a lot !


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