KalkiFashion Grand Opening Ceremony @Viviana Mall + Giveaway

A perfect site, tranquil guitar tunes and vivacious energy describes the Grand opening ceremony at Kalki Fashion impeccably. They made sure that when they revealed it was going to be a ‘grand’ two day affair, they keep it and oh so well!

At the outset, let me introduce the brand to you. Kalki Fashion was started in 2007 for the bride who makes a statement, in whatever she wears. She exudes an aura of class, poise and grace like no one else. She clasps an air of confidence and gleams through the occasion. Their first store was in Worli, followed by Santacruz and the latest one in the gigantic Viviana Mall, Thane.

Now coming to the central theme of the post, their ingenious store in Viviana boasts of a theme in sophisticated grey and golden highlights, evident from the balloons and the massive chandelier. Not to forget the patchwork walls with framed motifs and textured fabrics, that augment elegance in every nook of the store.


The grand opening ceremony, dated 25-26th July, 15 will always be remembered as days of effervescent vigour. Browse further to know why –

Oomph factors of the show – The guitarist who played soothing tunes for the occasion and the beautiful showstoppers who radiated amorous passion and intense desire, parading those gorgeous lehengas and gowns, throughout the program, took the ceremony a few notches higher. I must admit here, given that charm, sophistication, stature and spotless skin, beautiful is an understatement for them.



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Another and an obvious vivacious pull was their giant vibrant collection. From pastels to dark tinted, from their heavy gowns, to delicately work upon lehengas, each item was beyond beautiful, to commend a blushing bride.


And how can I forget to mention, they have absolutely everything like every day wear kurtas, kaftans, leggings, blouses, footwear, accessories etc.


I was greeted by the exceptionally warm Divya, who took care I never felt left out. She introduced me to Sherilyn, who was again a gem of a person. She guided me through the store and introduced me to a few designers. Turns out that we both have many similarities – We both are slim, tad bit of tomboyish, content writers by profession and Goans.

Post the store tour, we went downstairs where a ramp was prepared and a comparer took charge of the next hours. There were games, saree draping competitions, couple activities etc. The zeal was evident from the fact that a lady with a new born too participated in one of the competitions. Am I missing something here? Obviously I am. There was a photo booth with fun placards right next to the stage. Quite a crowd puller was the photo session with the showstoppers.

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The event concluded with gift distributions, smiles scattered all over the place, and a pulsating energy, that I won’t be able to forget for quite a while now.

Also, since I was a part of this grand celebration, I have a special giveaway for you guys. Avail to the coupon code – KVIVIANA and get Rs.1200 off on $20. Offer valid till 30th August so hurry up before someone else grabs it.

Check their vast collection here –

Website – http://www.kalkifashion.com/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/kalkifashion

Instagram – https://instagram.com/kalki_fashion/


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