Introducing Artistellar – Paintings with a twist!

“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.”
Vincent van Gogh

I think it’s the same old story with all painters across the globe as it is with my cousin, based in Mumbai. They share the same passion and understand the “secret code language” in their paintings, which we, the common people fail to decipher. We all derive different purposes from the same painting.

What’s your definition of an ideal painting?

A scenic landscape? Your very own portrait? A serene Buddha face when meditating?

Or maybe these are too main stream for you.. How about 50 shades of nature? Or a simple painting depicting all the possible seasons you’ve lived so far?

For me, customized mugs, pillows, were too passe. In my quench to discover something extremely customized, with love sprinkled generously over it, I discovered my cousin’s virgin talent – Painting!

Introducing Ankur R. Palekar – 22 year old.

Creative. Charming. Observant. Perfectionist.

It’s not me who’s saying this. It’s the last 22 years of my life that I have spent with him, that do all the talking.

When he told me about his desire to start selling his paintings full time, through his own brand, Artistellar, I could not have been happier. He has just started off, and with a big, big bang! Not only has he already got orders from a couple of his relatives, he has also got a personalized order from an esteemed organization.

Here’s a glance at his paintings –







colours of Nature





wpid-img_20150102_180243.jpg  I hope you liked them all. What’s more? The prices are super pocket friendly, and start at Rs.1200/- itself. Drop him a mail at for orders or any enquiries and encourage the young lad.

So I hope the next time you have a birthday party, wedding, or a house warming party to attend, I’m sure you know what to gift and whom to approach. And of course the satisfaction you’ll get, when you know deep in your heart, you’ve gifted an art piece by a young, twenties something lad. Surely a moment you ought to take pride in.


Thanks for reading!

XOXO !!!

3 thoughts on “Introducing Artistellar – Paintings with a twist!

  1. Ankur, Really admire your art and wish you best for all your future endeavors. I hope this is just a start of a totally new era for you. Best wishes.


  2. Wow Ankur… You are a true artist. You can carve pristine wonder out of absolutely nothing… Way to go boy… Very happy for you 🙂


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