Short Pants – Live in them in 6 ways!


Till when are we going to sit back and curse the scorching heat? It’s time to dress hot and put sun to shame!

Welcome friends to an another ravishing and refreshing journey with me as we combat together summer with playful, youthful shorts. Today’s post, which is I’m sure pretty clear by it’s name, is 6 ways to wear the same shorts.

I’m wearing my Dark navy Blue cotton shorts which I had bought from a local boutique. You could try denim shorts or any other shorts in neutral colors for a long lasting impact.

Word of Caution- Heavy picture loaded post ahead.

So first look,

Knot-ty Affair-


I’ve just tied a flowing top in the same color of the shorts and tied a knot on the left side to give it a dressy look and illuminated the look by a contrasting, transparent neon tote (from Lifestyle, India).

Play(t) with a Blast of Colors

Summer calls for a palette of colors in your closet and so how about this ensemble?

wpid-wp-1430380285440.jpeg  wpid-wp-1430380260769.jpeg wpid-wp-1430380310928.jpeg

I ditched the neon bag this time; for a vibrant jhola in a neutral black to balance out the otherwise colorful look. The regular plait shirt with a pink tank top is the highlight of the look.This is my favorite among all the other looks currently.

Neutrals over Neutrals

Sometimes, too much of color also gets boring. For those days, stick to solid colors.

I’ve paired up my shorts with a Grey Tank top and a Brown sling back. This look screams ultimate comfort and I could literally live my life in it.


Taking it a step ahead,

wpid-wp-1430380468674.jpeg wpid-wp-1430380482254.jpeg wpid-wp-1430380456264.jpeg

I’ve just pulled together a netted cape and teamed up a chunky accessory to do all the talking. To give the look a neat look, I’ve plaited my locks.

Raiding time

When you have almost nothing to wear, and trust me, we all have such days, we can’t forget our Boyfriend. Yes he’s our soul partner and all that, but his wardrobe is jaw dropping :’) Wink Wink!


Nothing is an comforting as a regular plain Tee, and you must agree with me.

That’s all folks!

P.s. Sorry for those unclear photos.My Digi was dead.


Until the next post,

Take Care and look stylish as ever!


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