When Chunk married an Indian Saree……


48 hours since my last post and I’m back with another chunky, funky draft! Let’s make even this one as playful and youthful as that one, cause we have to break all the Fashion rules.

How do you usually accessorize a Saree?

Long Gold chandelier dangling earrings, a catchy yet delicate necklace, stacking up all the bangles you have in matching shades?

It’s time to revamp the whole saree look. Here’s how!

I chose a green Georgette saree with minimal print and a contrasting black blouse.

Start off with some chunky earrings, earrings no one has seen ever before. Maybe, you yourself are not sure of.


These earrings were featured in Vogue by Sonam Kapoor. – Here’s her version. Next, Put on a classic protruding ring, that says it all! wpid-img_20150411_161907.jpg

Finish off with a fierce and beautiful, Cheetah inspired Haathphool. wpid-img_20150412_235853.jpg wpid-img_20150411_163903_20150413004120119.jpg That’s a closer view. Ditch the age old bangles and vintage jewelry and cuddle chunk in your traditional avatar.


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Thanks for the love guys!

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Until next time,

Lots of love!

XoXo !!

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