Ward off those Summer Blues – Head to Toe!

Hello ladies!

How do you know its summer? Sweaty hands?  Clammy skin? Time to pack back the woolens?Whatever it is, for fashion and beauty buffs like us, we know complaining about the heat is going to take us nowhere.

And at such times, it’s vital to put in force a cheat-sheet to combat the scorching heat. So how do you ‘ward off those summer blues?’

Summer Skin Care Regime

Try the regime for at least a week to see the visible effects. Apart from that exfoliate in the end to complete the whole procedure.

  • Cleanse– Clean your face twice a day. Go for a water based cleanser                   over an alcohol or spirit based. Mild foaming gel is also quite                  effective.
  • Tone–  Don’t rush to buy a new toner. Prepare your own very toner at                 home with a rose water. One of the best recipes I found online                 and which was extremely effective too is this. Keep dry tissues               handy at all times. So when you are out, and your skin feels oily,             just dab a bit of rosewater on a dry tissue and wipe off. You’ll                   immediately see a great difference, and definitely its way cooler.            Other basic versions of toner are to directly use an ice or a half                cut tomato on to your skin. There might be initial irritation, but                  soon you’ll feel the difference.
  • Moisturize– Prefer a water based moisturizer over an oil one. Look for                moisturizers with inbuilt SPF contents of around 30. To get a                  sheen, apply the moisturizer after your bath.
  •  Sun Block– Apply the Sun Block to all your exposed body parts twice a             day with a gap of about 4-6 hours. After applying the sunblock,               wait for 10 mins for it to soak in the skin and then apply talcum               powder.


Full Body Care

  • It’s appalling how in our wish to look the best, we often ignore our rest of the bodies, concentrating only on our faces and other exposed parts. Thus it’s vital, at least in the summer months, to moisturize our entire body. For this purpose, apply Petroleum Jelly to your hands and legs so as to regain the moisture content and calm down the irritation caused by severe dryness.
  • Opt for fruit based products than the chemical ones.
  • Hair Care– Egg White + 1 tspn Honey + Lemon juice                                           Apply all over your hair and keep for 20 mins.Wash off with a                   herbal shampoo and cold water.

hair care

  • Foot Feast– Pour Milk and Honey in the proportion of 2:1 in a large                  basin and soak your legs in it for 15 min. Wash off with warm                  water and embrace baby soft feet.
  • Face Mask– 2 Raw Egg whites + 1/4th Cup Orange Juice. Apply for 15           mins.
  • Sensitive Face Mask– Oatmeal + Boiling water and cool for 15 mins.


                 Oatmeal + Honey for 10 mins.

Home Remedies for Facial

  • Apply Tomato Puree for sun burnt skin.
  • For removing the greasiness- Egg White + 1 tspn. Maida + 2 tspn. Rose        Water.
  • For cooling effect- Cucumber Juice + Milk Cream.
  • For soothing skin immediately- Nutmeg Powder + Mango turmeric +             Water.

It’s evident that the cheat-sheet has become more of a formula book. Never-mind. Do give them a shot when the summer kills you and soon, you’ll be at merry.

Don’t forget to share with me how they turn out to be since that’ll be a booster. Also, spread your own summer specials with the world and help everyone!

Lots of love!


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