Retro Classics !!

Hello gorgeous! I know, I know, I have been so irregular posting on my blog, I deserve a punishment. I’m sorry guys, it hurts me too as much as it hurts you. So how have you all been? How’s the New Year treating you? Mine is as usual a roller coaster ride! I’m still recovering from the wedding hangover. So coming back to today’s post, it’s all about dressing up Retro and Chic. Though Retro as a theme is disastrous for many, dread no more. I’m coming up with a few ideas you can wear to the party without looking OTT. Hope you like those! To begin with, image image I’ve teamed up a light blue denims with a satin polka dots shirt and topped it up with a dark denim jacket. Caution-Wear this look only if you are 100% sure there’ll be air conditioning. The look is retro not just cause of the satin shirt but also cause of the denim over denim fad which was quiet rocking the 70’s. If you are feeling experimental, put on a beaded necklace as a headgear across your forehead. Next look- image image For my next look, I tucked in the shirt in loose open flared black trousers. These are much more comfortable than today’s palazzo pants. They have a button and zip on the sides of your waist so the look appears uninterrupted. I’ve also put across my mother’s old pear necklace around my neck and left an extra button open to give the look much more grace. This look also appears to be slimming down your body. Another version of the same look is to leave a couple of buttons of your shirt open from below and tie them into a knot- image This look is ideal for a party out with friends since it looks so playful and is catchy and appealing. Needless to say comfortable. My last look for the post is a subtle, sober look ideal for a day out for shopping. image I’ve just put over a tight, body hugging full sleeved Grey Tee with an extremely deep V-Neck, which I don’t otherwise wear. To bring an oomph factor to the look,I put over a contrasting pink neckpiece. I really loved how the end result came out. I also tucked out the sleeves of the satin top from the grey top to make it look more than casual. So how did you all like my posts? And which one is your favorite one? For the first time, I took all the photos in my Digi and ditched my cellphone. They have come out slight blurred and a bit messy but I promise to improve the next time, and the next time will be soon! Before I end, all there looks can also be implemented if you want to look slimmer without doing much because of the layers in the outfits. Experiment freely and embrace your style with no fear! Have fun on your next retro theme party!! Love you lots guys, XOXO !!! Posted from WordPress for Android

4 thoughts on “Retro Classics !!

  1. Hi..

    I know u love2 talk fashion or read abt it ..
    So, I Invite u to join our facebook group Indian Fashionistas. Its a global group
    To connect n share. . There will be a weekly theme and related posts can be shared.
    It wil help u network n increase connections.

    Here is the link

    I hope u make the most of it 🙂



    1. Hello Ananya!
      Thanks a lot for introducing me to the link. I’ll surely go through it and join the group! 🙂


  2. I love your outfit ! As a missionary I have to dress like this everyday and those kind of ideas are really helpful !


    1. Thanks so much Vivi!! I’m glad you liked them and are of such help! Don’t forget to shoot me a mail with your pics, dressed up in those styles! I’ll be waiting and might show you on the Blog! 🙂 :*


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