The Big Fat Indian Wedding Series – #Sangeet

Hello peeps

Presenting to you, The Big Fat Indian Wedding Series ! My brother got married earlier this month at an exclusive island on the shores of Goa,India. It was truly a Destination Marriage and one that wont be forgotten anytime soon. We still have compliments just flowing by. I’m glad to take you through this enchanting, divine journey and hope you enjoy it, in the posts to come.

India is famous for its cross cultural diversity. Rituals, chants are all evolving each day while some are losing their significance. It so happens that I hail from Goa and Goan marriages do not include a Sangeet function. But, we couldn’t help but include it in our wedding days, this joyous ceremony, filled with exhausting dance,foot tapping music,DJ,photo sessions ,finger licking food and the list is endless. Flip away the photos as I guide you through.

A great venue is half a battle won. And in our case, it won many hearts. Bookings have already started. Here’s a glance-


This place is truly a heaven in disguise. An island so near to the capital city Panaji, yet so peaceful and calm. The place was developed by Darryl and his wife, which was his ancestral property. Almost a 45° slope takes you to a breath taking spot.



We chose a color theme of White and Gold to compliment the greenery around.


Yes, that’s an infinity pool. They’ve got a pool, a 2 storied machaan, a cottage, washrooms, a separate and compact eating area, sit-outs and what not.


This is how the location looked from the machaan. Surrounded by lush green trees, the white chairs with golden bows, Chinese lanterns, firecrackers and what not. A sheer delight to eyes!



I wore this Off White Anarkali with some sparkle at ends and detailing on the front and back along with huge chandelier earrings. The blue straight cut pants and the dupatta gave it that burst of colors.


My makeup was subtle since I wanted it to look as natural as possible. The highlight was my hairdo. I had a messy look with a low side bun and tucked in a real flower to give it an altogether new dimension. The puff and a the silver beads too accentuated the look further.

A few snaps of the program-



What if I tell you that’s my Grandfather and his daughter dancing on an Latin American dance. It was a sure shot hit among all the other performances. They danced for more than 6 mins and put we youngsters to shame with their tremendous stamina. They covered everything from salsa to cha-cha to Bollywood numbers.


There was also this buddy’s dance we all did to welcome the Bride and the groom. Everyone right from year old kids to the 60s and 70s people did it and was a great icebreaker.


And ofcourse how can we miss the most important part of the evening, The Finale Dance. The couple danced on a western song, a Marathi song and waltz too. Very well choreographed and performed.

The night was jolly,fast rolling and had an air of its own energy. Everyone rejoiced in their own way. For some, it was the Dj which made the night a success, for some, the mouthwatering food, for some, the Bar while others the photo booth.What kept all united was just to stare back and enjoy the place, to have a smile writ on their faces throughout and take back home with them, fond memories.


So don’t forget to tell me how you found this exhaustive post. Are you as excited as I am for the Wedding series? Let me know if you are and how did you all like my outfit and the celebrations. If you are not an Indian, tell me if you would incorporate the little details from this occasion in your wedding too.


Until my next Wedding post,

Love you all!


4 thoughts on “The Big Fat Indian Wedding Series – #Sangeet

  1. What a venue! Its actually a paradise and out of the world. And girl, your outfit. Where is it from? Its too good. Love your experimental side. Keep inspiring!


    1. Hey Deepika!
      I’m glad to hear you liked it. Yes, you are right. It was actually a paradise.
      My dress is from a local boutique in Mumbai. Thanks again for boosting me 🙂


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