Accessories and Makeup-Home Hacks

Ladies & Ladas!

Its been nearly 15 days since I last posted on my blog. What was I doing, Where was I and Why, I’ll answer all these questions in the next few posts. Till then, a tiny cute post on my quirky better halves.

There are always 3 different ways to dress up – wear the best clothes and get compliments, dress up simple and compliment the look with certain handpicked accessories or simply deck up layers of makeup to go with a casual outfit. Which type do you fit in?

For all these, its necessary that I have my accessories and makeup in place when I need them; so I can have a look at all my collection in just a glance and decide what all I want to wear and how. Hence, organizing is one of the most prime activities I target on, in my free time.

In today’s post, I’ll be showing you all, a few Home Hacks to hoard your accessories, makeup in place. So you instantly know where to find, whats missing and everything is in order.

To begin with, I use my Mobile’s box to store my chunky festive bangles. So when I need them, I should simply open the lid and close it back.

accesories stand


These are just the wooden and cloth bangles I have which I use on a regular basis. The glass, metallic bangles are in the Bangle box only.

Next up, I took away my brother’s Woodland wallet case and used it to hoard all my nail polishes in one place. I’ve also put the nail polish remover here itself for ease of access.

accesories stand

accesories stand



Segregate on the basis of shades, brands, popups etc as you wish. I’ve differentiated as per brands for my access. Since I’ve laid down the bottles, the risk of them falling down and breaking is reduced to a great extent. Also the shades are pretty contrast, thus helping me to get the perfect hue, when I want one in a jiffy.

Then,to you this may appear like an ordinary lens case. But for me, its one of the best steals. Got it from my mother who had literally trashed it away. Read below and inspire yourself.

accesories stand


accesories standAs of now, I’ve kept 2 of my most exotic rings in the two compartments. These 2 rings are the ones which usually go on with any dress and so I don’t have to search again for them anywhere. So when I have nothing to look dressy, these come handy and are found in no time.

Previously, I kept a topaz set, very dear to me in this case so it was always protected. Next on my mind is to make a lip balm at my home wherein one comp. will have a day time light pink scrub and the other would have a night time dark hued scrub.

Following this, I made place for all my lipsticks in a plastic jewelry set box. You may put all your lip tints in different orders. I’ve again put according to my brand preference. Light to dark shades might be another great alternative.

accesories stand



It doesn’t just look tidy, saves all the trouble as well.

Another of my all time favorite hoards is this velvet jewelry box. Its the one gifted to my mother when she got married. Its a bit weathered off to gift someone but at the same time I didn’t want to loose it.

Taking advantage of the contrasting dark blue background I put all my casual, silver accessories, pendants, chains in it. So when I want to wear a single statement piece, I simply have to open this box and I know that’s where all my treasury is in.

accesories stand


It holds up everything from an overly girly angel pendant to an eagle chain and a blade locket for the sweatshirts.

Anyone who reads my blog or follows me on Instagram knows that I am all crazy about cute floral accessories. Till date I have treasured the doll, gaudy pins from my second grade. So a cute case just to keep these accessories together. This ones usually in my purse since I need them at all times.

accesories stand


Oh I just noticed that I have a majority of whites. Need to incorporate a few colors. 😦

Coming back to makeup, I have this crystal bowl kind of a container. Its one of the highlights of my room as well. Spacious that it is, currently it holds together my makeup brushes, all my eyeliners, a small mirror for eye makeup detailing, kohl and a pedicure set.

accesories stand


Doesn’t it look so neat and eye catching in just a mere glance?

That’s my collection and house hoarding to you. I am proud to be a collector of such boxes and glass articles. My DIY side works faster than my heartbeats and I’m constantly looking at some inspiration. Till my next post, I’m still not done-

accesories stand  So what are you thinking about? Gonna try any of these self help tips? Have any tips you want the world to know about? Feel free to share it in the space below!

Signing off for now,

Loads of Love!




2 thoughts on “Accessories and Makeup-Home Hacks

  1. That bangle case and lens ones are hits. You look at the same objects we see with a different outlook. All the best! 🙂


    1. Hello Queen!
      I’m so glad you liked those two. Think of all the crazy things you can implement to put in those last 3 empty boxes. I can’t wait to fill them up too. 😛


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