Lotus Herbals Alphamoist Review – Guest Post

Hello Fashionistas! 6 months into blogging, I’ve worked on 3 Brand Collaborations, reported an entire style event and what now? A Guest Blog post! Yes, how luckier could I get, till I got to do a blog post on one of my personal favorite blogs. Introducing Hey Wait Listen! A one of a kind lifestyle blog that talks from topics ranging from New year resolutions, to healthy stuff to free downloadable mobile wallpapers. How cool is that! Ok now I’ll keep quiet and let the blogger speak her mind. ************************************************************************************* Hello people!! Hey Wait Listen is very happy to collab with FashionOkPlease. Today I am here to review this product by Lotus Herbals, Alphamoist (Alpha Hydroxy Skin Renewal Oil Free Moisturizer). You can check out all my other posts on my blog www.heywaitlistenblog.blogspot.in. Whether it is summer or winter, Moisturizing is very important for your skin any time. We must keep our skin hydrated not only internally but externally too. Many people have a misconception that, if you have oily and acne prone skin, a moisturizer is a big no. It is totally wrong. Of course, some moisturizing cream leaves your skin greasy which leads to break outs. But, there are many oil-free moisturizers out there which is perfect for combination to oily skin. 4 I have a combination skin where It’s oily n my forehead and cheeks. And yeah, mine is acne prone skin. I tried a lot of products which left pimples behind. But, finally I came across this product which was a great savior. Now over to the review….. About Alphamoist: Plant derived Alpha Hydroxy extracts present in this light oil-free moisturizer replenish moisture, provide a vibrant smooth complexion and reveal fresh newer skin. The complexion is rejuvenated into looking and feeling younger. 3 Price: MRP Rs.225 for 80ml Directions for use: Cleanse face thoroughly. Apply lavishly all over the face and neck. Use regularly morning and evening. Key Ingredients: 1 Color: its white creamy in nature. My experience: The moisturizer comes in a cream opaque bottle with a pump dispenser. This is really helpful as there is no wastage of the product. It’s travel friendly too. This moisturizer is oil-free and the smell is mild. The smell stays for some time after the application. The consistency of the cream is not so runny. It’s easy to apply without any hassle. When I tried it for the first time, I was really surprised on how it got easily absorbed into the skin. As I told, I have a combination skin, my skin really don’t need much moisturizer. People with dry skin may have to use more of this product. When I use it in the morning, it stays in my skin till evening unless and until I wash my face. As it is oil-free cream, it is just perfect base for people who use makeup. 2 Overall, I love this product and it’s a great one for people having oily to combination skin. It can be used in all seasons. It absorbs into the skin very easily and yeah…the most important point is that…it is from a trusted brand and is very economical. My Rating: 4.5/5 Final verdict: I will surely buy it again. A must buy for all you girls with acne skin. Stay Happy. Think Happy. Ciao! ************************************************************************************** So my dear fellas, how did you like the new friend? We have many, many things in store for all of you. Just we need to know what do you all want! Cant wait to hear. So Comment below and show us you are pleased coz for bloggers like us, it makes our day totally!! Oh btw, try to guess from the Instagram pic, http://instagram.com/p/yNB-lyPyW7/?modal=true ;what the next post would be about. Tricky yet easy. Until then, Tadaz! Sayonaras! Hasta La Vista! Lots of Love! XOXO

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