Indo-Western Look for Sangeet

Hello lovely people! How have you all been lately. I know I haven’t been able to write regularly and I really feel guilty about it; I’ll try to mend it! So I have this very short and sweet post today. A light on the head, not a very picture heavy post. I was invited to a Sangeet party today evening and was out of ideas when the theme was Indo-western. Oh BTW, for those of you who don’t know Sangeet, its a celebration of sheer music, dance and performances by the near and dears of the couple getting married in a couple of days. Its a fun event we look up to, much more than the wedding itself. Ok coming back to my story, I was clueless. Opened my cupboard to find nothing and was compelled to mix match. And then magic hit me! I found this green sequin blouse from(
This post
) and in another corner a pencil skirt. The union of two hit off like bread and butter and I was spellbound! Like seriously, was I gonna wear this? But I’m a fashion scientist and controversial things like these give me a high! And then this happened- image image image image image You won’t believe I got a zillion compliments and I felt top of the world! I look really dizzy cause I took the pics once I was home after hours of dancing! The accessories, so chunky, and perfectly complimented my Indo-western look. I kept the makeup minimal with some gloss, kajal and shiny powder foundation. Let me know about your little experiments. What would you wear at an Indo-western theme party? Signing off for now, Your angel! XOXO!! Posted from WordPress for Android

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