Baseball Fanatics

Its not even 24 hours since my last post and I’m already typing a new one. Inspired by sports, I thought of coming up with a special Baseball outfit for my blog. Its my very first attempt at it, so I hope you all like it.
Took me 48 hours until I was done, but left me completely satisfied. Ive drawn my outfit inspiration from one of my favorite teams, Philadelphia Phillies. Their attractive, muscular body and with only WHITE and shades of Red here and there just looks so cool. There’s no denying at all.
So here I would like to present to you all my Baseball look.
I think the overall White color creates that cool, calm aura around the players. Dark colors are usually favorites, but for sports, they are not even an option. Maybe its the same reason cricketers wear White during Test matches.

The highlight of the entire outfit is the Hat, which I’ve taken from none other than the leaders in the domain itself. Find a variety of more than thousands of hats from prices ranging as low as $2.95 to $39.95. The prices are reasonable and the variety is unlimited, as if it were customized. You are sure to get each pattern in desired color scheme with systematically placed tabs. Have a look now, only here – MLB hats.

This was a tiny post today and I loved it for its simplicity. What do you have to say?

Gtg people! Lots of many surprises and collaborations coming soon! Hold your breaths!

Sayonaraz! Tadaz! Hasta La Vista!

Love you people!


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