New Years Special!

Ladies !!

With festivities all around and sweets being exchanged, how can someone leave the opportunity to dress down. Its that time of the year where we wear the Best Outfits of the year, with just the perfect accessories to compliment.

Introducing Fashionara! (

An online mall with items ranging from clothes to accessories to home improvements to wall decor etc. With street style prices and sophisticated objects, its just that piece of heaven we need when celebrating the week indoors. It has something for everything, in quiet a decent layout.

Here are 7 looks I’ve created on the site, thanks to it special “Lists” option. Unlike other sites where you have a ‘cart’ irrespective of you buying any number of things., this enables to have a quick look in case you are missing out on something, thereby giving you a systematic look in just one glance.

For my first look, which I like to call the Festive look-


Anyone for Black? ME!ME!ME!

My parents are always yelling at me for wearing Black all the time,are yours? So I decided this look with a golden hint, to bring out the vibrancy.That Spikey Bag and OTT purse are just perfect. And those loops I’m drooling over!

Next up, A delicate Black for those little dates gonna happen on the night.



A high low dress with net heels are a match made in heaven!

My third look, is an under-dressed look. Why? Coz its for a House Β Party. If you are any bit like me, I prefer calling tons of friends and their friends at my home and ordering pizza. So its quiet a cute look.


These were the unique-st heels I’ve ever seen and they go with the casual flair of the outfit. Its one of those outfits I know I can stay in forever. Not to forget the dressy bag. And BTW let me specify, those glares are for the next day when you’re heading back home, not to wear inside the house. πŸ˜‰

Next up, a classy, timeless kind of a look, which can never go wrong.



Where the subtle peach meets the dark Black. I plan to slowly implement colors to my outfits from the usual Black. Those flats help dance all night than our heels. Heaven just looked down at the Earth!

Another casual look, which is one of my personal favorites in this post, is this one-


Always wanted those kind of boots and look where I found them. Not to forget the watch which is just perfect in itself, and can help uplift any outfit.

And then, the Bold & the Beautiful comes in picture!Β Picture6A very sophisticated and chic look, accentuated with that watch.

My last look is a sizzling look, done in Red. What a way to say bye to Christmas,than by wearing Red! Sure to stand out among others wearing Black.

Picture1So all those were looks by me created on the Fashionara Lists board. So easy and systematic!

Overall my looks are easy on accessories, since I plan to dance all night and don’t want them to interfere or make noise. Also I haven’t used stilettos since being comfortable is a top most priority for now.

Check out all the looks and let me know which one is your favorite one. And what are you wearing for your New Years?

Lastly, don’t forget to dress stylish! They say what you do on the first day of the year, you do the entire year! πŸ˜›

For an insight in their site, have a look at –
See you next year!

Tada Guys! Sayonaras! Toodles!

Lots of Love!



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