Casual Christmas Dressing!

Hey cutie pies!!
Its that time of the year when you have endless get togethers to attend, gifts to be exchanged, sweets to be shared, smiles lit all the time across your faces. What’s your motivating factor to keep you all glowing?
Well, mine is surely getting all decked up! Who’s in?
I don’t need to write what to wear for Christmas coz we all have tons of dresses! What we need to think of is something casual yet classy, so that if guests drop by suddenly, we don’t look un-festive. ( excuse the word 😛 )
Back in Mumbai, we have 3 seasons, its hot, followed by hotter, and hottest. This time of the year is hot. So how do you look festive, done and vibrant, not looking OTT?
SWEATER TOP is my answer and a savior!
Since I’m out of Mumbai and couldn’t dress up, I’m posting a few pictures from Google itself.
To begin with, my most simple and favorite look-


For those slightly chilly, cold nights ditch the shorts and put together a cute, loose, long sweater top on a cutely printed leggings. Leave your hair open or just put a winter cap on. So pleasant for the eye itself!

For my next look, team up your crop sweater top with a pleat skirt. If its cold or not very suitable for the environment go with leather tights. The look is just electric!


We’ve heard of color coordinating, but who goes out of the way to mix and match fabric textures. Works wonders with a slender body.
Next, for a casual date or shopping pull out your summer denim shorts.


The ultimate way to accessorize this look is by pulling knee high colorful socks and ankle length shoes. The look is so vibrant and boastful.
If you think you can carry a bold look, ditch your bottoms and simply wear the sweater top as is and showoff those long, toned legs.


Put on boots and wait for the compliments to fly by! Accessories with a tiara or a few floral hair clips.
On a lazy day, where you are not really craving for colors, maybe a hangover day, put on a plain black sweater top and a contrasting cap. Keep the look sleek and so very casual.


Another simple and easy way to brighten up a dull, cool day is put a thin top underneath to help enhance the colors on your striped top. Take a clue from this-


My followers know that my last picture is always one that’s the most appealing and experimental, of the highest order. Today’s picture is one of those. Quiet a formal occasion in the Christmas week? Show off your fashionista vein through this-


Camouflage a dull grey shirt under a sweater top and team up with a dark denim or trousers. Don’t forget to tie your hair and carry a catchy tote.  Highlight the look with dark red lipstick.
Tip- Put a shirt you love, but is short under the sweater. Noone will notice and will be a feel good factor to you too.
So what do you think about today’s post? Will you try them this Christmas? Can’t wait to hear!
Till my next post,
Buhbyez! Sayonaras! Toodles!!
Lots of love,

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