Manicure at Home in 30min!!

Hello lovely ladies!
Officially this blog was meant only for fashion, but off late beauty, makeup etc are also fascinating to me. So I thought of putting up a post exclusively on Manicure- silky, soft hands in no time! Tried the recipe myself and boy! Was a total success! From the very first step, you know you are cooking up a great recipe!
Try at home and tell me how it turned up. Also if you try new versions of it by adding, replacing any steps, feel free to drop below a comment!
Step 1: Gather all the ingredients


You’ll need-
– flat pot with lukewarm water
– a large pinch of salt
– coconut oil
– coconut or any other moisturizer
– fragrant shampoo
– cleansing milk
– nailcutter
– large socks/gloves
– scrub
– lemon halves
– tooth brush.
Step 2Soaking in warm water.


Soak your hands in a flat pan in warm water for 15min. Add in salts, flower petals ( not mandatory), lemon juice and a few drops of coconut oil.



In absolutely no time, will you start finding the difference yourself.
Step 3- Cleansing
Now with the help of a toothbrush, gently cleanse your nails and the cuticles area. Since its damp and soft already, its easier.


Step 4- Shaping the Nails
Now comes a critical step. Sharpen your nails and chop your nails the way you like them, either in arcs or square cut or extremely small. Just the way you like them.

Step 5- Moisturizing
Apply a big dollop of cleansing milk and nicely blend between your palm and fingers. Rub softly and then put it back in the water pot for 10 sec. The water should look like this by now-
Remove your hands from the mixture and immediately put on warm gloves or socks to zip in the moisture for 5min.
Step 6-Scrubbing
Next, apply a scrub to the hands and hold on for 8min. My personal favorite it Dabur Gulabari, though you can try with any one. Another great option is yoghurt with pepper. Works wonders!

Step 7- Final Step
Though you may be tempted to wash off your hands in water, refrain yourself. Instead, wash your fingers in half a lemon, twisting back them back and forth. Now wash off your hands in plain cold water.

Lastly, apply a great shade! And voila you are ready to go!!
So what do you think of this simple, in a jiffy manicure? Perfect before a vacation to bring on that mood. Have the best, fragrant hands, NOW!!
That’s all in store for now! Until nextime,
Lots of Love,

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