Instant Tips!

We all know about the two min noodles and how they come to the rescue when we are hungry; but what if I tell you a few hacks, life saving tricks that, in no time help to uplift your look!
Let’s see how?

– You have a fun event to attend and have just 15min to get set? Get your eyebrows done. Nothing works better. Not even light makeup. It takes years off your age.

– Use your bronzer as a bronzerbon your cheeks as well as above your eyes. Team up with some kohl and u have instant Smokey Eyes.

– Have a small bum? Yet want to show off? Try wearing jeans and pants with small back pockets.

– For your next event, swap your jewelry with that of your granny. They are a stunner and since everyone out there will be wearing their latest accessories, chances are that you’ll stand out.

– Want instant shiny hair? Mix Apple cider vinegar with a cup of water and squeeze in half a lemon.

Short neck? No worries! Try clothes with deep necklines and accessories with long necklaces. Avoid Chinese collars.

– For a slimming effect, wear a wrap top with a pant in the same color.

Store your makeup in cool, dark and dry places. It will help not cause any reactions to the solutions.

– A boring lipstick? Horrible red lipstick? Get rid of it by mixing the two and microwave it to get a totally new shade. Try your own combination and you’ll be surprised to get many new shades.

– On similar grounds, want a new nail polish? Just add the same colored eye shadow to clear nail polish and give it a mix. Tada! You have a new nail polish of your own choice!

Choosing sunglasses just became easier-
• Oval Face- Broad shaped
• Round Face- Square shaped
• Square Face- Flat at the top and round in the bottom
• Heart Face- Large frame

– That old boring faded dress needs a revamp! And how? Team it up with contrasting stockings, long sheers and layers, stitch some crystals over it, tie a lace near your waist as a belt or a bow of satin for giving it a sexy tang.

– Feeling playful? Here’s a quick guide for your scarfs
• Tie a loose yet firm knot near your neck to give a naughty look.
• Tie the scarf to a bag to appear flirty and dressy.
• For a trip in the day, wear it on your head with glares. Helpful for your hair than the looks.

– On days when even colorful liners seem boring, create a lining with the colored liner and top it up with a winged lining of a silver kohl to brighten up the look. With blue, try gold kohl and the list is endless.

– Choose your belts wisely. Thin may look sophisticated while the fat one may attract more attention. – Did you know that even Purses could gain the attention you craved for?
• For shaped hips- a small purse
• Attractive- Large tote
• Thin- Big purse
• Hourglass figure- None

– The best time to buy shoes is usually at the end of the day when you are extremely tired. Hence you buy only those shoes which are the most comfortable ones and not tempted to buy the shoes you take with guilty pleasures. Also, try on the leg opposite to your writing hand.

– Bet you didn’t know this! Perfumes should always be stored upside down!

   Did you enjoy all these tips? Have any more and want the world to know? Share in the comments! Spread the love!
That’s all for now!
Tadaz! Sayonaras! Hasta La Vista!
Lots of Love,

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5 thoughts on “Instant Tips!

  1. shraddha sawant December 12, 2014 — 23:05

    loved it .. quick n easy .. thanku 🙂


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