Stylish girl’s Nightdress!

Huh what? Why not a change to the daily boring posts of me being all decked up for some or the other gathering. A post solely on what I’m usually wearing, that item of our wardrobe we conveniently ignore but spend a quarter of our day in? Hightime we invest in a good quality Nightie. Say what? Yes, the post is all about what I wear to my nap times.

“You have sweet dreams when you get a good night sleep, and you get a good night’s sleep when u sleep on a good mattress” said by The Great Me. Enough of hitting behind the bush! me the inspiration to pen down a post on what stylish women wear at night. Here’s my take Casper Mattress gave Colors! Cute Prints! And you get colorful, bright dreams!

Oh btw, be sure to check out Casper Mattress!


Those PJs still make me feel I’m just a teenager. And I hoard that top since I was in eighth grade. Yes, you heard that right.
Next, a tank tee and capris for those hot days-


To give them that extra pop of color, that cheerful hairband.
That extremely loose tee of your brother which will never fit you, nevertheless you’ll not trash it, what a better way than this!


And again a printed T-shirt with which takes off years from your life.


The bow you see there is a hairband made by me. Its DIY recipe coming soon on the blog!
Lastly, it’s supposed to be a stylish post and not a kids one, so throw in that dark sexy gown when you are feeling low to feel beautiful and girly.


It’s this number-

Awesome right! That’s all what I wear to bed! Wait a second, who said only clothes were to be worn when sleeping. Why not adorn your with something cute and simple-


These colors and cute small pops with the world’s cutest footware. Why not wake up with a smile everyday! It’ll keep you cheerful all through the day-


And lastly, my night beauty regime is nothing but just a good dollop of this body lotion that just glides on my body like butter on the bread-


So this was all from my end! What’s your story and secret? Can’t wait to hear!
My gratitude to Casper Mattress for seeing the potential in me for their venture. Happy to be a part of the same! ☺

Tadaz! Sayonaraz! Hasta La Vista!
Lots of Love,

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