Challenge accepted!

Hey guys!
Guess what! Guess what! Guess what! I’m having a super duper news today to share with all of you!
I was at my BFF’s place a couple of days ago, when I received a mail from Modani Modern Furniture from North Miami, Florida. Their elegant styles and accessories for the living room were so young and fascinating. I could design my entire life on just a few hand picked items. So it all inspired me to take up this task and put together a fabulous yet one of a kind post. How cool is that! I’m so much very excited for my first international assignment and wish to share the post with all of you!
To begin with, we were mailed various home articles like sofas, chairs, stools and other such accessories and asked me to make a style board or collage of what we thought would come together to create a great look. I loved the experience so much, that it took me 3hours to put them together and this was the end result. Have a look-
The first one:


This one is a sophisticated layout of a typical living room.The black sofa set and that showcase totally compliment against the backdrop of the white walls, contrasting with the red wall.I have tucked in white showpieces in the showcase and the pillows, silver brighten up the otherwise plain black sofa. Small details: the checked rug, with a glass vase. The beautiful, huge chandelier with a stainless mirror behind to reflect light around. Components-


Next, a breezy, homely look-


The wooden flooring that gives the illusion of lots of area. The Blue wall gives that airy appeal. A simple, no fuss look- white sofa with lots of contrasting pillows, in shades of blue, thrown over, a black and white zebra print rug and a white stool. Lastly, a bold lighting piece. Details-


Now, a robast Indian home, rustic and traditional. Bold.


The orange color is loud; so why not tone it down. How? The only sitting place is a rug/carpet in greyscale with few pillows and stools, with a matching traditional apostery.Lastly, a wooden lighting piece and showcase. Simple and totally no nonsense.


Last but not the least, another sophisticated look. A very modern and chic look-


Here, lie many many details. We have two contrasting shades instead of one, Blue and grey against white. Hence the furniture in white. Centerpiece is the sofa and chairs in white with textured designed pillows.We also have a basic glass table and not a very catchy vase. For taking away the attention, we have the glass show piece of a considereable height on the backside and an extremely captivating mirror and lamp shade. Here:


Sorry dear people this post isn’t about fashion and I’ve diverted. But it was a fun challenge thrown at me and I’ve accepted it whole heartedly. How did you like my layouts? I would love to see your reactions!
If you like these, remember this is just an amateur’s vision. Go out and browse through Virtual tour of Modani Modern Furniture and fly to a totally futuristic world.
Also, a great thanks to the Modani Furniture group for discovering the potential in me and giving me this excellent opportunity to display my love for interior designing.
Tada Guys! Toodles! Sayonaras! Hasta La Vista!
Love you lots,

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