LBD (Little Blue Dress)

Hello babes!
I’m back and with a bang, no seriously! Coming up is a picture heavy post. Only experiment-ers permitted. Know why? Have a look at an exhaustive post exclusively on dressing up a Little Blue Dress!
To start with,


I just topped up a casual top over my Blue dress. Here, monochrome meets print; two bold prints united by the same color. The outfit is dressy, casual and sassy!


I’ve further fragmented the look. Note that you can team up the dress with ayny contrast top too.
For my second look, I wanted it to be casual and festive with a bit of layers, suitable for the Indian terrain. And then this look was born –

That yellow vest was originally a top which I tore apart to make a jacket. The colors are just so soothing. Feeling playeful?
Then next, Do all girls get a feeling once in a while, life would have been better had we been guys, or is it only me? To all those days,
Isn’t the look really awesome? The chemistry they share can never be broken! Perfect for the shopping days!
Another version-

And those people who still think, it’s best to be born as girls! Heres for you,
Here I’ve worn the pink scarf as a shrug, other way could be as simple as this,
Now my girl, time for some adventure. Bye bye sober looks, here comes the one solid breaker,
Teamed up, rather huged an extremely over sized Shirt over the dress. Tied up a belt for giving it some structure. Wow no!
How did you like the looks today? I think I’m opening up to trends I thought I would never even try. Lovin the entire experience. Are you with me on this?
An insight during the shoot-
When I say I’m shooting for a new post, I’m busy with the balloon! Or, trying new filters, pics meant solely for profile pics,
And what not! Did u like the post? My dress and experiments? Which one the most and least? Anything I missed out or your experiments? Let me know!!
Did you know: You just saw 34 photos! Don’t believe me? Count yourself! Apologies if I exhausted your data plans! 😛
Love you all lots,

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2 thoughts on “LBD (Little Blue Dress)

  1. You have a great sense of style! Here are some other L.B.D.s that I think you will also love:


    1. Thanks a lot, Cate! 🙂 Will surely have a look..


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