Floral Attack!

Warning- A blast of colors  on your way. Soon the fashion police will get hold of me, arrest me and give me a life sentence.. All this, but why? Read further..
Autumn here is, though not in India ( it’s always hot here ) and how about we incorporating flowers and colors in our dressing as well? So I decided to upturn a red floral top, recently gifted to me in 3 different ways.
Just one rule with the floral top- don’t go OVERBOARD! There’s already a blast of colors they boast of, we don’t want to create a riot there. So how do we balance the look yet by retaining its femininity? Here’s a glance-


Here’s a simple look and a basic one. Team up your floral top with nude leggings ( black,cream,white etc). Now I hate to wear a short top over leggings but this look is just toooo chic to break this rule! Spare me Fashion police!
Notice I’ve worn poweful stilletos to do all the talking and tucked them out of my leggings.


Just to soften the look a bit, I’m wearing some colorful thread bangles.
For my next look,


I teamed up the red floral top in a totally contrast grey skirt. What they mutually share is only the floral print that completes the look and gives it some continuity. You may adorn it with a belt or something but I liked to keep it casual. To bring down the tone of the dress I tied up my hair in a bun and wore red loops. That was it. No more accessorizing. Wear the look with summer like flats or kitten heels and you are good to go.
My third look is picnic kind of a look. It loudly speaks COMFORT!


Simple to decipher, just tucked in the top in leggings/Capri’s or whatever and use a monotone large clutch. And you are done. The best part about the look is that you can wear any footwear you feel like, be it shoes, flats, slippers etc.
So how were the looks? Are you gonna try any? Anything else in mind? Whatever. Let me know for sure!
Love 😘.

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4 thoughts on “Floral Attack!

  1. I love colors and I love them all. Must be nice to have summer weather all year round. Have a lovely weekend. http://fashionablyidu.blogspot.com/


    1. Summers are meant to be colorful ! The grass is greener on the other side and back in India we envy u all, we long for snowfalls! πŸ˜› Anyways Thanks again Idu! ☺


  2. bettyfashionlounge October 28, 2014 — 02:20

    Nice combinations! The 3rd one is my favourite!


    1. Know what? Its my favorite one too! 😜


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