Jumpsuit – 5ways to wear them!

If only a word called comfortable-est existed I’m sure it would have been synonymous to a Jumpsuit. If you agree, we are pals!
Today I’m on a journey to showcase my trials with the jumpsuit and 5ways to wear the same one without being noticed. Wear it at the beach, at a party, at a gathering wherever without people wondering if you wore the same dress last time. You ask me how and here’s how I answer your prayers!
Don’t forget to comment on how you felt about those looks or your experiments.. I would love to hear! πŸ˜€
So my first look, which you can wear to a decent party would be this-


Top over your Jumpsuit with a nice plain top with some pattern, preferably V-Neck showing a hint of the fabric. Top it up with a beaded set and put it in doubles and triples and you are all set!


A different way of wearing the beads and a new look is recreated! It adds charm to an otherwise plain top.
Which one did you like?


My next look is for a day at the beach, you don’t wana be tanned but you want to wear something breezy, something in which your skin can breath. Worry not dear, just knot up your cotton scarf at the two corners and remove your arms from the gap. Loo you have a shrug!
Top up the look with accessoring a kada as your anklet and let it be the show stopper alone. Wear some bright shoes ( you are on a holiday, remember?)


Inspired from the above look but a classier version. Top a loose crop top and let it freely fall over your shoulders. Adorn the look with a long rich chain.


A look I was taken aback by 😜. No seriously. The recipe of a tank top when added to a jumpsuit recreating such a magical dish! Unbelievable that is! The most casual, laid back look on an outing with friends. Be it at a resto, a night out or mere shopping, this look is ideal for just anything you say.
Breaking up the look further-


A friend suggested me to tie a knot to the jhola’s end and the result was just so funky. And the hairband for that girly ting! I’m getting very knot-ty no? That’s what fashion does to you!


Lastly, if nothing works, simplicity is the best beauty! Wear your jumpsuit as it is, style with a perfect holiday back bag in a quirky color like purple, with a funky keychain and a cap. And you are ready my girl in no time!
Until my next post, Hasta La Vista! Sayonaras! Tadaz n Toodles!
Keep liking, sharing, caring, dressing and Smiling my babe!! ☺😘

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