White Shirt- My little experiments!

Hello peeps!!!


All you people reading this post are I’m sure totally bored on wearing the same old white shirt for ages now. But helplessly you wear that shirt atleast once a fortnightly! You’ve tried experimenting through a bit of color pops here and there yet the equilibrium between a professional look and chic look was never met. And so I thought why not I dedicate a whole post exclusively on the formal’s staple diet- The crisp plain White Shirt.
P.s. I’ve used here a light brown stripped shirt. You may use a plain or striped shirt as you may wish to.

My first look for the post is a very chic look for a day at the beach or outing with friends directly after work. It all starts with leaving your hair open with some waves to keep that holiday mood on. ( if you are like me, straight hair is just so monotonous and professional and not so vacation friendly!) Next is unbuttoning your shirt upto an appropriate length. The look comes along with a side bag, perfectly professional yet colorful and lastly a classy cropped belt and flats.
The look is just perfect for the current “print on print” rage.

My second look is the white shirt tucked in a wrap around knee length skirt. I know you guys are seeing the same skirt in the second post after Scarves, but I’m just obsessed with it! Throw in a casual plain bag and slippers and a whole new look!! A perfect formal Saturday brunch look.

The third look is with the color pop theme with a classy edge. Every girl has this day in 2-3weeks where she wants to be dressy and break monotony, but in a lethargic mood. I swear by this look. A savior! Just twist your muffler around your neck and tease the look with formal, yet colorful closed shoes. Wear the white shirt over a textured trousers in some other color than black and blue.If you think its overboard, wear black/brown belt.

I hope you know where not to cross the line and be just around subtle.

My last look for the post is for a corporate dinner where revealing isn’t an option but looking extra ordinary and standing out is a must. Just YouTube how to make a scarf, a vest and wear a dressy, colorful, dark stole above your plain white shirt. Pin it up from the back so you feel secured and you are comfortable. The front top may appear something like this-

Accessorize with loops and dangling sling bag, exactly in a contrasting shade.
I hope you enjoyed all the looks.
And now is a very fun part of accessoring with the usual white shirt.
They are all totally my innovative ideas and I think they rock. What do you have to say? Just pass a comment below, I’ll be more than happy to chat with you. 🙂

Thats it for now. Your comments mean a lot so please do write to me anything you feel like. It could be what you feel about these looks, which one would look the best? Which one won’t look that good? Which one are you willing to try? Any other experiments apart from these, that I may include by your name itself. Be in touch!
Love you all lots!!

Hasta La Vista!! :*

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2 thoughts on “White Shirt- My little experiments!

  1. I loved those accessoring ways maximum


    1. Know what? Those bits are even my favorite parts! 🙂


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