Statement Pieces!


Hello Darlings!

This post will be updated every few days, you know why? Because it’s a one of a kind post where I’ll regularly add my accessories which I think are very unique and get along with any outfit.. Ever seen such a kind of post? I hope not.

Here’s a glimpse. Do vote and tell me which one you like, who knows I may be kind enough to melt and give away! :mrgreen:


Isnt it so catchy and appealing? That pink sling bag and pearl forever21 ring!! They can never forget to brighten up a whole outfit!

Doesn’t that tiny( or Huge) ring deserve a solo pic?

Wow Perfecto!! It has a charm that no one can take away from!



OK I must admit that I’m often late in following trends. When the market for was bursting with neon craze, I cursed it. But it was love at first sight, when I saw these cute puppies! It gives me that reason to walk put of the house and exercise!
Then again theres this beauty! All wrapped in a turquoise blue chain! Here’s how I plan to wear it

Last of now, but not the end!
I’m a very thrift shopper, should confess. But these pair of stilletos hit my eyes like a truck and are my best friend ever since!!

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