Nailing my Nail Story!

Hello Stylish ladies!!
My very first article on makeup.. The most essential, understated.. The first stop every girl has towards her journey of makeup- Nail polish!!
A glimpse to the colorful vibrant ingredient essential .. 
Here’s my family photo..

Aren’t they all beautiful? I have to admit here that not all of them are branded. As a normal Mumbai college girl, I have my collection from internationally acclaimed brands like loreal, Avon etc to some local brand BBC. 
Here are few of my favorite shades that just draw attention on an otherwise ordinary dress.

As a gist,

Aren’t they beautiful? Now here are some nailarts, few I’ve done, few Google!

Too good na.
This has surely been one of my biggest posts till date.please don’t forget to comment and tell me how you found it to be.. Interesting or all that you already know about.
Lastly, here’s something I read recently. Want a nail polish shade and not getting the exact tint? 
Worry no more.. Here’s the DIY recipe.. Just mix the desired color’s eye shadow in clear nailpant and bang bang.. And boom you have your shade. Another tip is to store your nail polishes in fridge and invert them.. When in need just give them drastic movements.. And voila! They’ll never dry out!! 
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Lots and Lots of love!! 😘

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