Accessories Arrangement!!

Chunkies & Funkies,

Out with a rather twisty tale today. There’s no end to fashion, agreed. But why not dig upon some accessories. Few we trash away, few we keep with the hope to use. And since I’m of the group 2, I can’t throw anything, not even a earring if it’s pair is missing πŸ˜›
Ok coming back to the point why not today we talk about fun accessories that elevate the look to an altogether new level?
I’ll start with showing u all mine, and its a participative post, I want to grab all your eyes, ears and comments (obviously even ur accessories).
To begin with here’s my chunky funky platter.


Isnt it colorful, vibrant? Its like a sunshine on any dull day just with these few ones. Of course there are innumerable more, but I swear by these most of the times. So I have 2 kadas, which I also team up as anklets on skirts, a very girly bracelet in peacock shade that goes with many of my outfits. And of course those colorful ones are saviors on all odd days. I think I have a limited collection, but any outfit u throw at me, and I’ll have the perfect accessory.

Heres my second favorite platter. All of PHUNKY (PHUN intended) are just thrown away in this celebration’s box. Extreme right is a blade and skeleton chain, then a loose vacant long chain which I regularly use, then an Eiffel tower locket, red HOT pendant and those cute spectacles chain. Some guy stuff like an eagle chain, school time collection of those best friend chain and last but not the least, my latest obsession the turquoise forever21 chain
that is friendly with every dress.

So what’s ur take on these? I can’t wait to hear!!

What do u think?

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