White Crop Top

                    3 looks from a Single Crop Top!

Crop Top! Crop Top! Crop Top! seems like its a never ending trend, so until its raining why not we have our share of fun with the current obsession?

To be frank, I wasn’t very comfortable wearing such a trend in a city like Mumbai and didn’t want to grab cheap eyes .. So I thought of experimenting with a white plain tank top, which is now short for my height.. And Voila! It worked in my favor!

So, I’ll share a few of my looks. Let me know how you find them, Ill be! 🙂

velpicstitch20140806_021545One of my classiest twists.. Simply mixing up two unwanted items to recreate a look made in heaven! I wanted to conceal the very fact that I’m wearing a crop top to my family, and what better idea could I think of than simply tucking the crop top in a colorful frill skirt, I would hardly wear.

Accessorize the look to give it a free,summery,casual feel with lots of colorful bangles or adorn it with a nice beaded neck piece.. A perfect look for a family brunch.

velpicstitch20140806_025823A very sexy chick look for a fun date.. If you are one of the girls who like minimal fashion and not going over the top, even for dates, then I’m your best friend. Wear the plain white crop tp over a fitting denim (I’ve worn it over jeggings). now th fun part begins, start by a color pop by pulling in a colorful sling bag,preferable of dots or checks or any other print. Since it is a minimalist look, don’t go overboard by accessorizing heavily. Keep it subtle by hints from jewel rings or cute DIY bracelets etc. of course add a scarf if you please in sync with the other ingredients



The final look.. In/Out the top in a cigarette pant or in cargo etc for a picnic. To take it a notch above, steal your boyfriend’s lockets that go so well with the whole look. I’ve picked up an eagle and a blade with a skeleton pendant and put in round my neck.


Thanks for patiently browsing through my photos and surely let me know what you feel about them.


2 thoughts on “White Crop Top

  1. It looks lovely. You are totally rocking it love 😀


    1. Hey Shanaya, thanks a lot! Im glad u liked it.. Do try all the looks, of course with your inputs, and let me know how it all turned out to be. 🙂


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