Look what I got! :D

Handy Bag


Soo happy to write again.. I have a special article to write today. My brother just returned from a Europe tour and guess what? He brought me a Mulberry bag, I lusted for, from a long time!

Not only does its colour make me crazy, so does its utility! you must be wondering, so I thought why not I share a few pics with you all.. have a look, and let me know how you find it.


So, appears like a classy elegant clutch, huh? Well, looks are deceptive. To know more, browse further.


This tiny clutch has loops, to make it a sling bag.

Yet you might be thinking “Big Deal.. Whatever!”

But what if I tell you, it also becomes an IPad bag?


It has 2 pairs of loops, at the middle as well as at the top. This is just perfect for any occasion.

Lastly, it comes along with 2 belts, an adjustable long one and a short one.


So what do you have to say about the world’s 8th wonder? Do let me know coz Im waiting 😛


2 thoughts on “Look what I got! :D

  1. How lucky you r that you have such a brother !!


    1. Hehe the pleasure is all mine 🙂


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